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Johnson, Sven (the Baptismal name of Swan Johnson)
B: 15 Feb 1839, Traneberg, Gustav Adolf parish, Värmland, Sweden
Baptised: 17 Feb 1839
D: 1929, age 89
M: 01 Jan 1866, Lena Swanson, in Gustof Adolf parish, and left Varmland, Sweden with infant daughter, Anna. Lena had a stroke and d. 1914 age 64. Lena Johnson, was baptized as Lena Kajsa Svensdotter, born in Sweden on Dec, 20 1846 at Grossmossen, Gustav Adolf parish, Värmland. She was baptized on Dec, 25, according to the birth records of Gustav Adolf parish (vol. C:5, page 14). Her parents were Sven Svensson (1816-1903) and Anna Bengtsdotter (1817-1878).

FN: John Svenson
MN: Britta Persdotter (1816-1904)

Children of Sven Johnson and Lena Swanson:

Anna Johnson
D: Age 93
M: Claus Lindblom and had 7 children

Johanna Johnson

Selma Johnson
D: Age 89
M: (1) John K. Ross
M: (2) Emil Mollberg about 12 years after the death of John Ross

Hilma Johnson
M: Charles Hemmingson, and had 3 children in Hallock

Children of Charles Hemmingson and Hilma Johnson:

Anita Hemingson

Johan Vilhelm Johnson
B: 12 Dec 1866
D: 13 Mar 1867

Matilda Karoline Johnson
B: 20 Jan 1877
D: 17 Jan 1880

The couple was married in Gustav Adolf parish on Jan, 1 1866 and had, in addition to the children mentioned on your website, a son Johan Vilhelm (Dec, 12 1866-Mar, 13 1867) and a daughter Matilda Karolina (Jan, 20 1877-Jan, 17 1880) and the family left Sweden in April 1882. Their second daughter Johanna Maria, who also is on the webpage, was born in Sweden (Mar, 15 1880) too.

John Alfred Blide (b 1855) was the son of Johannes Andersson Blid (1818-1885) and Anna Svensdotter (1819-) and was called Johan Alfred in Sweden. His wife, Anna Katarina (Kajsa) was the daughter of Daniel Persson (1822-1887) and Katarina Persdotter (1829-). In May 1887, Katarina Persdotter also emigrated to the US together with her son August Danielsson (b Mar, 11 1872), her daughter Katarina Danielsdotter (b Sep, 8 1865), son-in-law (married to Katarina D) Johan Håkansson (b Nov, 11 1862) and grandson Einar Sigfrid (b May, 30 1886), but I have no further information about them, unfortunately.
If you have any information about any relatives to Swan and Lena Johnson, whom I can contact, I would be most grateful if you could send me an email about this. If you have any further questions, I will glady try to answer them.

Best regards,

Lars Lundell

Lund, Sweden