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Kittson Central High School

2002 Graduates

Honor Students
*** Summa Cum Laude
** Magna Cum Laude
* Cum Laude


Kalie Renai Anderson, Parents: Mike and Joni Anderson. Plans: Hope to attend UND

Nicole Marie Anderson **, Parents: Brian and Tressa Anderson. Plans: University of Minnesota - Duluth.

Christine Bedard **, Parents: Patrick and Faith Bedard. Plans: Study psychology at UND or Mayville, get a doctorate and practice child psychology.

Cale Joseph Bergeron, Parents: Colleen and Gary Bergeron. Plans: Attend Northwest Technical College for two years and then transfer to UM-Twin Cities to start career in advertising.

Denise Evelyn Bergh *, Parents: David and Linda Berg. Plans: Major in accounting at Bemidji State University. Wants to move out my the mountains and start own business.

Bethany Noelle Blomquist ***, Parents: Jon and Denise Blomquist. Plans: Attend UND and major in a field of business.

Soren Lee Bostad, Parents: Gary Bostad, Deb Hatton. Plans: Attend UND for business and management degree.

Amanda Ellen Boursaw, Parent: Rico Boursaw. Plans: Study psychiatry at UND.

Melissa Kathleen Bowman **, Parents: Brent and Jody Bowman. Plans: Attend UND and study elementary education.

Nancy Jean Dahl Davis **, Parents: Janna and Allan Davis. Plans: Attend UND or Concordia and major in nursing.

Kristen Victoria Finney ***, Parents: John and Maureen Finney. Plans: Attend St. Cloud State University and major in political science.

Kirsten Joy Gunnarson***, Parents: Michael and Cindy Gunnarson. Plans: Attend University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Christopher James Halvorson, Parents: James and Monica Halvorson. Plans: ATT (Advanced Individual Training) for the Army and later attend college to become a child psychologist.

Mandy Lynn Halvorson, Parents: Mike and Jean Halvorson. Plans: Work with animals and kids.

Emily Sylvia Haraldstad, Parents: Jon Haraldstad, Ann Haraldstad. Plans: Go back to Norway, finish my last year of school, and then study in different European countries.

Joel Carl Johnson, Parent: Laurie Johnson. Plans: Attend UND for B.A. in accounting and Masters in Business Administration.

Meghan Emily Klegstad**, Parents: Kim and Robert Klegstad. Plans: MSU-Moorhead and major in athletic training and massage therapy.

Samantha Joy Klemetson***, Parents: Lavonne and Bob Lyberg; Tony and Peg Klemetson. Plans: NDSU and go into medicine.

Rachel Elizabeth Langen*, Parents: Barry and Kristi Langen. Plans: Attend UND to get degree in business.

Brynn Liann Larson***, Parents: Todd and Kathy Johnson; Scott and Mary Larson. Plans: Attend U of M-Twin Cities for business and fashion.

Michele Segovia Manz, Parents: Jeffrey and Elena Manz. Plans: Attend UND for four year nursing program and become a Registered Nurse.

Alexander Gary Moore*, Parents: William and Lynn Moore. Plans: Attend UND.

Paul Michael Morrison**, Parents: Mike and Kristi Morrison. Plans: Attend UND and pursue and aviation degree.

Jonathan Raymond Niles, Parent: John Niles. Plans: MSU-Moorhead.

David Patrick Ogorek, Parents: Terrance and Roxanne Ogorek. Plans: Go to college.

Jennifer Leighann Pantzer***, Parents: Brian and Tracey Pantzer. Plans: Attend UM-Duluth and major in psychology.

Lucas Kyle Roach, Parent: Mary Carlson. Plans: Be on TV or in the media.

Kayla Renee Schwenzfeier**, Parents: Merle and Renee Schwenzfeier. Plans: Attend St. Cloud State University and major in mass communications.

Stacy Marie Sobolik***, Parents: Blake and Jane Sobolik. Plans: Attend St. Olaf college to pursue a double major in English/Music Therapy and then go on to law school.

Marc William Sugden***, Parents: Bill and Lori Sugden. Plans: Attend Concordia College, Moorhead and major in business administration.

Lacey Marie Terwee**, Parents: James and Marla Terwee. Plans: To major in business at UND.

Daniel John Thorlacius, Parents: Don and Becky Thorlacius. Plans: Attend UND.

Jordan Kathleen Turner***, Parents: Kim and Kathi Turner. Plans: Attend St. Cloud State University and major in mass communications.

Karie Leah Visness***, Parents: Ron and Carol Visness. Plans: Attend Concordia College in Moorhead for nursing or elementary education.

Amy Marie Webster**, Parents: Gary and Lori Webster. Plans: Attend NDSU for apparel and textiles.

Class Colors: Burgundy and Old Gold

Class Flower: Konfetti Rose

Class Motto: "We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." - Tim McGraw

Kittson Central High School

Commencement Program

Saturday, June 1, 2002

5:00 p.m.

Processional: Kittson Central Band, Directed by Mr. Brian Pastir

Greeting: Dr. Bruce A. Jensen, Superintendent

Invocation: Clergy

Welcome: Seniors Beth Blomquist and Marc Sugden

Concert Band: "That's What Friends Are For" Arr. by John Edmondson

Appreciation Award: Senior Karie Visness

Senior Vocal Ensemble: "The River", words and music by Garth Brooks

Commencement Address: Senior Kirsten Gunnarson, Senior Stacey Sobolik

Senior Video: Media Arts, Bethany Blomquist and Kirsten Gunnarson

Farewell: Senior Kristen Finney

Presentation of the Class of 2002: Mr. Terry Ogorek

Awarding of Diplomas: Mr. Charles Dziengel, Board of Education

Presentation of Class Flower: Linsay Bergh

Benediction: Clergy

Recessional: Kittson Central Bank

Junior Class Ushers: Lauren Dahl, Mary Beth Erickson, Jami Muir, Lori Visness