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Kolden, Peter (Peterson) (Changed his name to Kolden when he came to America)
B: Kolbotne, Norway
M: (1) Unknown Kaspara
M: (2) Ragnild Kristianson, b. at Foldereid, Norway

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Peter Kolden and Unknown Kaspara:

Erling Kolden
D: In Norway

Johannes Kolden
D: When he was 20 years old

Anna Kolden
D: With 2nd child named Louis
M: Unknown Pattingill

Sigward Kolden
M: Jennie Norum

Knute Kolden
M: Mina Hoversland

Ralph Kolden
M: Myrtle Sundem

Caroline Kolden
M: Olaf Hoversland

Marie Kolden
M: Andrew Hoversland

Erling Kolden
M: Iona Hoversland

Peter Arne Kolden
M: Marie Angel

Children of Peter Kolden and Ragnild Kristianson:

Clara Kolden
M: Arthur Norum

Harold Kolden
D: 1 year old

Hannah Kolden
M: Leonard Jerome

Alice Kolden
M: Albert Green

Ragna Kolden
M: Arthur Hicks

 Hi!  Saw your query re:Kolden's & since that is my maiden name & the query was abt. my grandparents & parents, thought I'd fill you in!!!  Erling Petersen Kolden B:13 Jul 1886-Sacred Heart,Renville,MN. D:24 Jun 1942-Medford,

Jackson,OR. Bur:Inglewood,L.A.,CA. marr:6 Jul 1916-Hallock,Kittson,MN. to:Tona Olesdtr Hoversland B:13 Mar 1889-Haegeland,Ovrebo,Vest-Agder,Norway D:14 Nov 1963-L.A.,L.A.,CA. Bur:Inglewood,L.A.,CA. child:1. (male)Kolden-B/D:26 Jul 1917-Easton,Marathon,WI. 2.Arne Anfin or Arnold Reuben Kolden B:8 Sep 1918-Merrill,Lincoln,WI. D:13 Feb 1951 Seoul,,Korea Bur:Glendale,L.A.,CA. 3. living

4. John Richard Kolden B:22 Sep 1921-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. D:5 Jul 1922-Thompson,Kittson,MN. 5. living-B:Karlstad,Kittson,MN.,Gr. Forks,N.D. 7. M.E.Kolden B:5 May 1934-Bronson,Kittson,MN.-living.  Will send my paternal grandparents on separate e-mail.   Marje


Part 2 of Koldens:  Peter Andreas Petersen Kolden

B:9 Aug 1845-Svartdalmoen,Horstad,Bindal,Nordland,Norway D:17 Oct 1935-Thompson,Kittson,MN. Marr:18 Jul 1873-Vassaas,Bindal, Nordland,Norway to:Kaspara Nikoline Johannesdtr B:4 Nov 1848 Aakvik,Bindal,Nordland,Norway

D:25 Apr 1898-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. child:1-Johannes Bernhard or John Berk Petersen Kolden B:11 May 1874-Kolla, Bindal,Nordland,Norway D:16 Apr 1895-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. 2. Anna Pauline Petersen Kolden

B:24 Mar 1876-Kolla,Bindal,Nordland,Norway D:4 Apr 1898-Beaton,Kittson,MN. Marr:24 Dec 1895-Hallock, Kittson,MN. to Lewis A. Pettingill 3. Petra Caroline (Carrie)

Petersen Kolden B:28 Oct 1877-Kolla,Bindal,Nordland,Nrwy. D:20 Feb 1928-Northwood,Gr. Forks,ND Marr:14 Jul 1896-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. to:

Olof/Olav (Big Ole) Olsen Hoversland 4. Peter Arne or Petter Arnt Petersen Kolden B:8 Jun 1879-Kolla,Bindal,Nordland,Nrwy. D:11 Dec 1954-Detroit,Wayne,MI. Marr:12 Apr 1904-,Kittson,MN. to:Marie/Mary Sorentine Angell 5. Knute Asmund Petersen Kolden B:11 Jun 1881-Kolla,Bindal,Nordland,Nrwy. D:23 May 1924 Wolf Pt.,Roosevelt,MT. Marr:24 Oct 1909-,Kittson,MN. to:Anna Thomine Olesdtr Hoversland. 6. Erling Petersen Kolden B:20 Jun 1883-Kolla D:23 Aug 1883-Kolla.

7. Erling Petersen Kolden B:13 Jul 1886-Sacred Heart,Renville,MN. D:24 Jun 1942-Medford,Jackson,OR. Marr:6 Jul 1916-Hallock,Kittson,MN. to:Tona Olesdtr Hoversland. 8. Sigward/Sigvart Petersen Kolden B:13 Apr 1888 Sacred Heart,Renville,MN. D:2 Aug 1955 Portland,Multnomah,OR. Marr:8 Jun 1919-Thompson,Kittson,MN. to:Jennie Sophie Norum.  9. Marie/Maria Josefine Petersen Kolden B:11 Nov 1891-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. D:28 Nov 1968-Wolf Pt.,Roosevelt,MT. Marr:27 Jul 1913-Hallock,Kittson,MN. to:

Andreas or Andrew Olsen Hoversland.  10. Rolf/Ralph Petersen Kolden B:15 Feb 1894-Springbrook,Kittson,MN.

D:5 May 1979-Portland,Multnomah,OR. Marr:7 Aug 1920-Portland,Multnomah,OR. to:Myrtle Alma Sundem.

Will continue on 3rd e-mail for grandpa's 2nd family!  Marje


Part 3 of Kolden family:  Peter Andreas Petersen Kolden B:9 Aug 1845-Svartdalmoen,Horstad,Bindal,Nordland,Nrwy.

D:17 Oct 1935-Thompson,Kittson,MN. - 2nd Marr:18 Aug 1901-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. to:Ragnhild Petrine Hansdtr Christophersen/Kristiansen B:23 Feb 1866-Jorgengaarden,Foldereid,Naeroy,Nord-Trondelag,Nrwy.

D:14 Mar 1941-Thompson,Kittson,MN. - their child:

1. Clara Kolden B:15 Jun 1902-Springbrook,Kittson,MN.

D:3 Jul 1976-Hallock,Kittson,MN. Marr:8 Jul 1921-Hallock,Kittson,MN. to:Arthur Elmer Norum

2. Harold Cornelius Kolden B:31 Mar 1904-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. D:18 Feb 1905-Springbrook

3. Hannah C. Kolden B:14 Aug 1905-Springbrook,Kittson,MN. D:26 Dec 1945-St. Paul,Ramsey,MN. marr:11 Aug 1934-Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN. to Leonard Oscar Jerome

4. Ragna Petrine Kolden B:18 Aug 1907-Springbrook

D:27 Apr 1984-San Luis Obispo,SLO,CA. marr:21 Feb 1958 also San Luis Obispo to:Arthur Bascum Hicks

5. Alice Janette Kolden B:26 Jan 1910-Karlstad,Kittson,MN.

D:28 Jun 1998-Cayucos,San Luis,Obispo,CA. marr:3 Aug 1928-Minneapolis,Hennepin,MN. to:Albert Engvald Green

If you would like any more info on this family please let me know!     Thanks for your website & info!!   Marje