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Lang, Joseph
B: 28 Jun 1864, Canada
D: 20 Apr 1930, St. Vincent, MN
M: 12 Feb 1890, Margaret Amelia Armstrong
d. 09 Oct 1952, age 85, dau of James and Ann Armstrong who came from Ontario at the age of 16.

FN: Nicholas Lang
MN: Sarah Kaiser

Note: Margaret Amelia Armstrong came from Wellington Co., Ontario when she was 16 years old to teach for two years at the Stockport School a few miles east of Emerson, Manitoba. While teaching there, she boarded at the Cornelius Baldwin family home. At a dancing party at the schoolhouse, Margaret met Joseph Lang, son of Kittson County settlers Nicholas and Sarah Lang. Joseph married Margaret in 1890 and they settled in Kittson County, Minnesota. Joseph Lang worked as a grain elevator operator at Grampin, Sultan, and Pembina. He was also known as a mail carrier on St. Vincent's Route 1 and as a local auctioneer. After his death in 1930, Margaret stayed on their farm until her death at the age of 85. Their son, James, continued to farm the old home place.

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Children of Joseph Lang and Margaret Amelia Armstrong:

1. Stanley Lang
B: 25 Nov 1890, St. Vincent, Kittson County, MN
M: Margaret Turner b. 06 Dec 1890 d. 07 May 1939, lived in Anamoose, ND

2. James Lang
B: 19 Aug 1892, Clow Twp., Kittson Co., MN
M: never married, lived in St. Vincent

3. Austin Lang
B: 29 Apr. 1894 Clow Twp., Kittson Co., MN
M: Roberta Van Patten b. 12 Jan 1897, lived in Winner, SD

4. Della Lang
B: 17 Sep 1895, Clow Twp., MN
M: 1914, Ernest Turner b. 13 Apr 1891

5. Lawrence Lang
B: 22 June 1897 Clow Twp., MN
M: Edith Feldman b. 09 May 1903, no children, lived in Pembina, ND

6. Margareta (Reta) Elizabeth Lang
B: 17 Nov 1899 St. Vincent, MN
D: 22 Nov 1995, Hallock, MN (age 96)
M: (1) Vernon Revere Lucas b. 07 July 1898 St. Vincent, MN, d. 05 Nov 1931 in
plane crash, Camden, NJ, buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
M: (2) August Hord, lived in Hallock, MN

7. Earl Lang (Essay on Earl Lang)
B: 05 Dec 1901, St. Vincent, MN
M: Rose Feldman b. 20 Aug 1901, lived in Pembina, ND

8. Thomas Ralph Manford Lang (known as Manford)
B: 17 Jan 1905, St. Vincent, MN
M: (1) Grace Eva Empey, divorced 1946, lived in Pembina, ND

9. Harold Lang
B: 25 Nov 1906, St. Vincent. MN
M: Aileen Gass b. 25 Apr 1912, lived in Hallock, MN

10. Rubena Lang
B: 26 Sept 1908, St. Vincent, MN
D: 24 Oct 1998, Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, Hallock, MN
M: 12 Oct 1938, Lawrence Burton at Hallock
b. 07 June 1909, lived in Humboldt, MN

Children of Lawrence Burton and Rubena Lang:

Beverly Burton
M: Roger Weberg

James Burton
M: Marilyn

11. Laurienne Lang
B: 25 May 1910, St. Vincent, MN
M: (1) Eddie Turner (no children)
M: (2) Bill Pearson b. 28 Nov. 1898, lived in Hallock, MN

12. Dorothy Lang
B: 29 Aug 1912, St. Vincent, MN
M: George Finney


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