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Ljunggren (Younggren), Christian Andersson (3)
B: 12 Feb 1795, at Horrod, Bronnestad as the son of the juryman Anders Waldermarsson and his wife, Boel Andersdotter at Horrod.
D: 1859 It has been said that he was buried under a big tree, a gravesite undoubtedly lost.
M: 22 Mar 1829, Pernilla Persdotter b. 22 Feb 1799 at Spangmollan, Grydt to Par Jonsson and Ingar Jonsdotter. d. 1854. M: In the Parish of Stoby. On the voyage across the ocean to America, Pernilla contracted Cholera, died and was buried at sea.

Christian was a farm owner while he lived in Sweden

FN: Anders Wollermarsson
MN: Boel Andersdotter

Lineage: Wollermarsson, Anders (2); Hansson, Wollemar (1)

Children of Christian Andersson Ljunggren and Pernilla Persdotter:

Bengta, Sven, Axel, Nils (All born in Parish of Stoby, Province of Skane)

1. Bengta Younggren (4)
B: 28 Feb 1830
C: 23 Jun 1844 The inscription in Bengta's confirmation Bible reads "Bengta Christiansdotter at number 3 Ignaberga got this book June the 23rd, 1844 at the Church of Wankifva in her alliance of christening for her confirmation in public." The 5th book of Mose 29: 10,11,12 and 13. Lukas 14: 17.
D: 16 Dec 1870
M: Carl A. "Charlie" Byerstedt (1829 - 1906)
Children: Inga, Louis, Paula, Carl William (5)

2. Sven Younggren (4)
B: 09 Sep 1833 Parish of Stoby, Province of Skane, Sweden
D: 27 Sep 1899
M: 05 Nov 1868 Hanna Nelson b. 12 Jul 1846 d. 05 Feb 1908
Children: Nelson Amos, Alfred Henning, Bengta Delia, Sylma, Axel Oliver (5)

3. Axel Younggren (4)
B: 09 Jan 1836 Parish of Stoby, Province of Skane, Sweden
D: 23 Feb 1917
M: 16 Apr 1858 Malinda Mattson b. 30 Aug 1840 d. 12 May 1927

4. Nils Younggren (4) As recorded in Swedish Archives in Lund, Skane, Sweden
B: 08 Jul 1838 Allgutstorp, Stoby
D: 02 Nov 1841

It is believed that Christian adopted the name of Ljunggren sometime in his early days when serving in the Swedish army. It is said that when these young men entered their army service they took another name, one of their own choice, that were called fun names and continued to use them after their tour of duty. Christian took the name of Lunggren which means heather branch. Ljung (heather) is a small evergreen bush that grows profusely in southern Sweden and "gren" means branch, hence the name Ljunggren. The name became Younggren soon after the family moved to Minnesota Territory in 1854 because in Minnesota the name was often spelled more like it sounds. One source says family emigrated to North America 15 Mar 1854.

Christian and his children arrived in America on or about August 1, 1854 according to the Naturalization Certificate of Swen Younggren that was dated September 15, 1854.