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Lovejoy, Charles Royal
B: 20 Jan 1876, Thomson, MN (where the family owned and operated a saw mill)
D: 08 Sep 1968
Buried: Birchdale, MN
M: 20 Mar 1901, at Barnum, MN, Martha Alice Smith, b. 24 Jul 1881. Martha was the dau of Thomas E. Smith and Jane Blackney.

Charles Royal Lovejoy was a retired Chief of the St. Paul Fire Department who moved up to Frontier, MN and homesteaded after retiring. He was supposedly one of 7 brothers born at Virginia, MN or Thomson, MN

One of the brothers supposedly went to the goldfields during the big rush in the 70's and 80's, and at one time owned a silver mine in Nevada or Arizona. Later, he turned his hand to gambling and owned several saloons. Another brother at one time was captain of the Itaska Queen, a sternweeler on the Rainy River.

Some of the brothers went west and were early captains of the sternwheeler ferries that operated in the Puget Sound area of Seattle, WA. One of their wive's (Martha Smith) uncle was with Custer at the Little Big Horn and is named opn the plaque. He is supposedly the namsesake for the middle name of Thomas Royal Lovejoy and his brother, James Royal Lovejoy, but could also have been the namesake of his mother's side of the family as well.

Smith, Thomas E.
B: 01 Sep 1843, Kingston, Ontario
D: 23 Oct 1916
M: Jane Blackney, in Michigan. Jame was b. 19 Oct 1850 in Cornwall, England and d. 12 Dec 1934. She was buried at Birchdale, MN. She was dau of John Blackney and Nancy Ennor of England and married in Cornwall, England

FN: Frazer Smith of Calis, France, who was captain of a ship on the Great Lakes
MN: Martha Stuart, of Green County, Ireland


Children of Charles Royal Lovejoy and Martha Alice Smith: Martha said she had 13 children but ony 3 lived who were:

1. Charles Thomas Jovejoy
B: 01 Oct 1901, Thomson, Minnesota (Martha said he was born 1898)
D: 21 Nov 1970, Salt Lake City, UT (Courthouse records burned)
Buried: Salt Lake City, UT
M: Myrtle Marie Fitzpatrick, dau of Richard A. Fitzpatrick of Pembina,
ND and Isabel Buckman. Myrtle d. 06 Apr 1996, at Salt Lake City, Utah. Richard was the 7th child of Sheldon A. Fitzpatrick. Charles T. Lovejoy had a son from a previous marriage, James Royal Lovejoy, who married Eldora Kompke in Minot, North Dakota who had a daughter from a previous marriage. James had 2 children: Charles and Sherry of Minot, ND who are both married and have children.

2.Keith Wellington Lovejoy
B: 28 Apr 1903, Birchdale, Minnesota
D: 02 May 1962, St. Vincent, MN
Buried: Border, MN
M: 28 Apr 1923, Marion Unknown (had 9 children)

3. Stuart Russell Lovejoy
B: 27 Jun 1909, Birchdale, Minnesota
D: 04 Mar 1974
Buried: Cascade Locks, Oregon
M: Opal Pettis, of Birchdale, MN. No children