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Lowe, Martha
B: 06 Nov 1805, England
M: 18 Jul 1825, Robert Stratton Smith in Aylsham, Norfolk, England

FN: William Lowe, Sr.
MN: Newell Fox

Martha and family left the Island about the same time as Sarah and John Peck, possibly after the death of Martha's mother, Newell, as there was no real reason to stay. They moved to Nova Scotia.

Children of Robert Stratton Smith and Martha Lowe:

i. (Girl) Smith

ii. Anne Mary Smith
C: Christened 19 Oct 1828 in Aylsham, Norfolk, England

iii. Martha Batson Smith
C: Christened 16 Sep 1830

iv. William Lowe Smith
C: Christened 06 Aug 1833

v. John Newstead Smith
C: Christened 18 Aug 1841

vi. Robert Durrell Smith
C: Christened 27 Jun 1843

vii. Benjamin Thomas Smith
C: Christened 27 Jun 1843