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Lowe, Samuel Rankin "Sam"
B: 15 Nov 1885, Charlottetown, PEI
C: 24 Feb 1889, Charlottetown, PEI
D: 23 Mar 1954, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Buried in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
M: 14 Jul 1919, Lillie Catherine "Kate" James, in Montreal, PQ, CAN, dau of Thomas Cuthbert James and Hannah Penelope "Annie" Hales. Kate was b. 11 Jun 1888 in Charlottetown, PEI and d. 08 Mar 1959 in Grand Prairie, AB, CAN. Buried: Edmonton, AB, CAN. Her grave, though unmarked, is next to her husband Samuel's in Westlawn Cemetery. Newspaper marriage notice reads: "LOWE-JAMES -- In Saint James Presbyterian Church, Montreal, July 14th, 1919, by the
Rev. George Edward Ross, B.A., B.D., Samuel Rankin Lowe of the city of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, to Katherine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cuthbert James, also of the city of Charlottetown, P.E.I."

FN: Samuel Lowe
MN: Mary Ellen Stramberg

Samuel Rankin Lowe enlisted in second contingent 30th Battalion No. 4 company in November 1914. Came to Halifax Feb. 21st. Sailed for Queenston, Ireland on 22nd, arrived in Queenston about 9 days after, to embark for France to join the Allieds in war against Germany. He first enlisted in Victoria, B.C. His regimental number was 77489, and he attained the rank of Private.

Excerpt of letter from Samuel Rankin Lowe:

"LOWE, Samuel Rankin 77489

I joined the 30th Battalion at Victoria B.C. about October 1914, proceeding to England in February 1915, and to France in April 1915. I volunteered for and joined the machine gun section of the 15th Batt. Canadian Infantry, to which I had been transferred.

On the 28th of December 1915, I was in charge of a machine gun section in a position on the Wulvergum-Messines road called North Midland Farm. We had orders to hold the position at all costs. Early in the morning the Germans started shelling the position. Finally after several hours of intense shelling a shell entered the dugout. I was knocked unconscious.

On coming to I managed to extricate myself and found a man named Norris there - he was one of my crew.

He was calling "Bill". (Wm. McInerney, an intimate friend of Norris). I asked him where Bill was. He replied, "He's still in there". I realized then the others were buried. I sent Norris then for assistance to the 16th Batt. headquarters and re-entered what was left of the dugout. The Germans were still fiercely shelling the place. I found McInerney who died while I was trying to find out the extent of his injuries . (I was sitting immediately beside him at the time of the explosion.) I released the other two men who were pinned down with heavy timbers and covered with dirt. In one case I strained very heavily on a timber which was across a man's body and imbedded in wet earth. I got the men outside and they appeared to be in pretty bad shape. I took them part way to the dressing station through an old trench. I myself had great difficulty in walking, as the co-ordination between my head and my feet seemed to have been interfered with.

Several men of a rescue party were now coming towards us in charge of Col. Peck, V.C. I told the men to keep going to the dressing station while I climbed out of the trench, intercepted the party and told Colonel Peck what had happened. He said that he would go up to get the other man. I asked him if I would go back with him and he said, "No. Go to the 16th Battalion headquarters". (We were in support of the 16th Batt.)

From 16th Batt. headquarters I was sent to the doctor. He said there was a bath prepared next door and to go and have a bath. (I still have that general soreness that I had then. It is described as a general condition of neuralgia, deep-seated and long standing by one doctor and by another known to be an expert diagnostician as a neuritic condition). I was kept at 16th Batt. headquarters for several days and when we went back for a rest I drove back in a limber as I seemed unable to walk any distance."

Children of Samuel Rankin Lowe and Lillie Catherine "Kate" James:

1. William Cuthbert "Bill" Lowe was born on 10 Dec 1920 in Lake Saskatoon, AB, CAN, was christened at St. Andrews on the Lake Church. in Lake Saskatoon, AB, CAN, died on 19 Aug 1998 in Grande Prairie, AB, CAN and was buried on 25 Aug 1998 in Grande Prairie, AB, CAN. Grande Prairie Cemetery.

2. Penelope Mary "Penny" Lowe was born on 9 Mar 1922 in Lake Saskatoon, AB, CAN and died 06 Nov 1978 in Edmonton, AB, CAN. Death Notes: Penelope Mary Powell (daughter of the late Samuel R. and Katherine Lowe) passed away on Monday, Nov. 6, at Edmonton, at the age of 56 years, following a lengthy illness. She was born at Lake Saskatoon and attended school at Lake Saskatoon and Grande Prairie. After her marriage in 1941, she resided in Ottawa and Edmonton. Penny married Albert Edward "Ed" Powell on 10 Feb 1941 in Toronto, ON, CAN. Ed was born on 14 Oct 1913 in Lethbridge, AB, CAN and died on 13 Nov 1960 in Edmonton, AB, CAN.

5. James Horace Millar "Jim" Lowe was born on 26 Feb 1934 in Wembley, AB, CAN, died on 11 Oct 1985 in Edmonton, AB, CAN and was buried in Edmonton, AB, CAN. He was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force after World War II.