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Lowe, William, Sr.
B: 1781, England, UK
D: 21 Dec 1840, Lot 23, PEI, Canada, Buried: 23 Dec 1840
M: 01 Mar 1804, Newell Fox, dau of John Fox and Ann Lovick in Horsham St. Faiths, Norfolk, ENG, UK. Newell was born in England, christened on 19 Nov 1780 in Horsham St. Faiths, Norfolk, England and died about Mar 1865 in Lot 23, PEI, Canada. Another name for Newell was Nuel Fox.

Marriage entry from Archdeacon's Transcripts of Church of England, Horsham St. Faith, Diocese of Norwich; LDS Film #1526783:

William Low of this parish Bachelor and Newell Fox of this parish, Spinster were married in this church by Banns this 1st day of March in the year one thousand and eight hundred and four by J. Adams, Minister.

Children of William Lowe, Sr. and Newell Fox:

i. Ann F. Lowe
B: 13 Sep 1804, in England
C: 15 Sep 1804, in Horsham St. Faiths, Norfolk, England
D: Aft 1869, Coltishall, Norfolk, England
M: Jonathan Wright (Another name for Jonathan was RIGHT)

ii. Martha Lowe
B: 06 Nov 1805, in England.
M: 18 Jul 1825, Robert Stratton Smith

iii. Samuel Lowe
B: 15 Jun 1808, in England
C: 03 Jul 1808, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
Lived in Bugay, Suffolk, England

iv. Newell Lowe
B: 02 Oct 1809, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
C: 22 Oct 1809, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England

v. William Lowe, Jr.
B: 16 Jan 1811, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
C: 19 Jan 1811 in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
D: 15 Sep 1887 in Charlottetown, PE, Canada. Buried: Charlottetown, PEI, Can.
M: (1) Ann Smith
M: (2) Eliza Sentner

vi. Robert Lowe
B: 02 Mar 1813, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
C: Christened on 14 Mar 1813 in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
M: Elizabeth White

vii. Sarah Lowe
B: 02 Sep 1815, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
C: Christened on 17 Sep 1815 in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
M: John Peck ??

viii. Emily Lowe
B: 02 Sep 1817, in Aylsham, Norfolk, ENG, UK
C: Christened on 07 Dec 1817 in Aylsham, Norfolk, ENG, UK
D: 23 Jun 1864, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

ix. Lydia Ann Lowe
B: 29 Mar 1819, in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
C: Christened on 18 Apr 1819 in Aylsham, Norfolk, England
D: 15 Apr 1904 in Alberta, Canada. Buried: Clover Bar Cemetery, Alberta, Canada.
M: Henry Ball, Sr.

 General Notes: William Lowe Sr. (a.k.a. William Low) story by Jean Lowe

In December of 1829, William and Newell were living in Aylsham, Norfolk. Their son, Samuel, who lived in Bungay, Suffolk, walked through deep snow to visit them as was indicated in a letter. William and Newell Lowe, and children at home were planning to emigrate to British North America the following summer. They left England for the New World shortly after. Whitsuntide (May 30) 1830 was the last time Samuel saw his father. Sailing with them was their 19-year old son,

William Jr., and their three youngest daughters: Sarah, Emily, and Lydiann who was eleven years old. There were other settlers from Norfolk and Suffolk on that ship to new land and promise. Among them was Martha, daughter of William and Newell, with her husband, Robert Stratton Smith, and their two children.

After arrival on Prince Edward Island, William Sr., by making his mark, entered into a lease with D.S. Rennie for land as follows:

"COMMENCING at a stake fixed on the East side of the road leading from Charlotte Town to New Glasgow at the northern boundary of land leased to Richard Murphy thence running north sixty four degrees east to the Division line between Lots in Townships twenty three and twenty-four, thence North along said line to the southern Boundary of Land leased to Adolphus King south sixty four degrees West to the said Road, thence along said Road to the place of beginning having a front of seven chains on said Road containing by estimation twenty-six acres, more or less, together with all Buildings, Woods, Underwoods, Ways, Waters, Watercourses, Profits Commodities and Appurtenances."

Twenty-six acres of land was sufficient for him and his family as William Sr., who had been a builder himself, had suffered some event or malady which made it impossible for him to continue in the trade. (1841 census, Wm Sr. lists his occupation as Taylor) Samuel, in a letter to William Jr., reminisces about when their father used to join with his sons in the game of cricket, but "he is somewhat altered since then."

William Sr. and his family found pioneer life strenuous and demanding but they persevered and when William Sr. died on 21 Dec 1841, he had 26 acres in good order, a great deal ready for the plough, plenty of horned cattle, and an abundance of wood for the carpenter/builder trade. (Samuel, in a letter to William Jr., copies a letter written by Martha to her Aunt Beeson after her father's death in 1841, intended for him and which he finally receives in 1869.)

After William Sr. died, Martha, on her mother's behalf, because William did not have a will, wrote to her husband's aunt to locate Samuel to let him know of the death and ask him to come to PEI to take over his father's property and assets. William Jr. would get his father's tools of the trade. Unfortunately, Samuel did not receive word of the death until 1869 and the land was given to Sarah and her new husband, John Peck. Newell, William Sr.'s widow, entered into an agreement with John Peck on July 5, 1841 in which she gave up all her right, title, and interest to the farm to John Peck on condition that he pay the arrears of rent due, that she would have the right to reside on the land during her natural life, she would keep two cows for her own use, and he would not sign a lease of the farm during her lifetime without her consent. Newell signed the agreement with her signature, John Peck made his mark, and Mr. D.S. Rennie witnessed it.

As the land was sold on April 13, 1865, without an indication of Newell's consent, this gives us an approximate date of her death.

In addition, a bill was received and paid by Wm. Lowe Jr. to Wm Pipperell (Pippwell) for digging a grave, breaking ground and acting as poll (sic) bearer, dated 1841. This bill in possession of Eleanor Lowe, Charlottetown. When Sam J.S. and Jean were in Charlottetown in September, 1991, they found this record of William Pepperell's death in the Jan. 23, 1841 issue of the Charlottetown Colonial Herald "Died on Thurs. last, the 19th instant, Mr. William Pepperell, of this town, aged 77 years.

For the last 26 years he filled the office of Sexton to St. Paul's Church during which period he had the opportunity of witnessing the last ceremony performed over some hundreds of his fellow mortals. "Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust."

It seems fairly certain that the source of William Low's death was the Charlottetown manuscript.