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Magnuson, Unknown
D: 1833
M: Unknown d. 05 or 06 Jun 1915

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Unknown Magnuson and Unknown:

Mathilda Magnuson
M: Alfred Johnson

Emily Magnuson
M: Aaron Anderson, brother to Sam and Charley Anderson

John P. Magnuson
B: 1819, Province of Kalmer, Sweden. His name was Magnus Danielson, so all of his sons were sons of Magnus, which became Magnuson
M: Christine

After completing his military service, he enrolled in an agricultural school called Applerums Landsbruk Skola. Then he managed a large estate known as a Herregard where he met and married his wife.

Children of John Magnuson and Christine:

Anna Helen Magnuson
B: 11 Apr 1906, Poppleton Township, Kittson County
D: 25 Aug 1991, Kittson Memorial Nursing home
M: 18 Jun 1928, Leonard Hanson who d. 07 Dec 1969

Children of Leonard Hanson and Anna Magnuson:

Jeanette Hanson
M: Harold Haubrich

June Hanson
M: James Drake

Ronald Hanson

Frank Magnuson
M: A sister of H. P. Hemmingson

Alfred Magnuson
M: Sister of Alfred Johnson

Gust Magnuson
M: Sister of Alfred Johnson

The rest of the record is sketchy but E. O. Magnuson mentioned that she was the first of the family to be born in Kittson County, MN, where three more brothers followed her.

Herman and Carl left to Canada and later to the west coast. Herman stayed in Canada.

George was left alone.
D: 1962
M: Had 3 sons