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Matthew, Amelia
B: 22 Apr 1857, PEI
D: 17 Apr 1938, Hallock, MN Interred: Joe River Cemetery
M: 31 Mar 1876 or 1875, James Allen Diamond, at Cornwall, PEI b. 18 Jan 1835 d. 01 Jul 1918

FN: William John Matthew
MN: Elizabeth Ann Clow

James Allen Diamond and Amelia Matthew Family:

1. Zula Emelind Diamond
B: 12 (02) Apr 1877, PEI
M: 02 Nov 1891, Richard Warrick Gatheridge (b. 1866 St. Austel, England d. 1946)
D: 13 May 1928, Humboldt, Mn
Buried: Joe River Cemetery, St. Vincent, Mn.

2. Eliza Ann (Lydia or Lydia Ann) Diamond
B: 27 Apr 1879, (21 Apr 1878) PEI (per Enid Morrison-Bell)
M: 12 Aug 1896, Samuel Maxwell
D: 25 Dec 1947, Minneapolis, Mn.
Lydia was 3 years old when the family came to Minnesota (indicates emigrating in 1882)

3. Leotte (Lottie) Bethesda Diamond
B: 09 Jul 1881
M: 16 Apr 1899, George David (Ben) Matthews (b.10 Aug 1873 Cornwall, PEI)
D: 02 Dec 1957, Hallock, Mn.
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, Mn.
Lottie was married on a Sunday at the farm home. Lottie's Mother, Amelia was in bed as she had just given birth to a son, Levi, on Saturday.

4. Bertha Diamond (Frost?)
B: 08 Feb 1884, Humboldt, Mn.
M: Jul 1902, John Reuben Croaker
Lived her married life at Joliette, N. Dak. When John died, she remarried to Kitt.
D: 29 Jan 1952 Grafton, NDak.

5. Charles Leonard (Ikey) Diamond
B: 02 Jul 1885, Humboldt, Mn.
M: 27 Feb 1905, Lilla Turner, Winsloe, PEI
D: 26 Apr 1963, Hallock, Mn.
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, MN

Leonard took his Mother and Father to PEI in the fall of 1904. This was Amelia and James's first trip back to PEI. The channel froze over very early and since there were no ice breakers in those days, they couldn't return until spring when Leonard returned with a wife.

6. Benjamin Glenvilla Diamond
B: 18 Oct 1887, Humboldt, MN
D: 08 Mar 1908, Humboldt, MN
Marva Diamond Hanson said her Father, Herbert, told of the great times Benjamin and he had while growing up. They played a lot of baseball.

7. Herbert Lomas (Paddy) Diamond
B: 11 Jun 1890
M: 06 Jan 1913, Annie Mae Turner b. 14 Jun 1894 PEI
D: 25 Dec 1967, Hallock, MN
Annie Mae Turner was a sister of Leonard Diamond's wife. She came to Humboldt from PEI at the age of 17 with her father to visit her sister Lilla, then remained to help her on the farm - which turned out to be 2 years and then got married.

8. Ernest James Diamond
B: 19 Nov 1892
D: 09 Dec 1892, Humboldt, MN

9. Laurence James Diamond
B: 12 May 1894, Humboldt, MN
M: 19 Jul 1916 or 1918, Alma Rickenberg
D: 05 Aug 1946, Humboldt, MN
Three Diamond boys: Leonard, Herbert, and Laurence, lived their entire life on the main street in Humboldt. Their homes formed a triangle in the middle of the village almost like the three bases of a baseball field.

10. Aneata Diamond
B: 05 May 1897, Humboldt, Mn.
M: 19 Nov 1913, Roy Stewart
D: 04 Aug 1976, Hallock, Mn.
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, Mn.
They were married at St. Vincent, Minnesota by Jim Turner, Justice of the peace. Her sister, Lottie and husband, George David Matthews (Ben), were the attendants.

11. Levi (Speed) Diamond
B: 15 Apr 1899, Humboldt, MN
M: 28 Aug 1927, Margaret Balderston
D: 05 Dec 1971, Hallock, MN
He also enjoyed baseball and received his nickname from it. The four boys all had nicknames that they carried throughout life: Leonard - Ikey; Herbert- Paddy; Laurence - Joe; and Levi - Speed

12. Amelia Diamond
B: 05 Jan 1901, Humboldt, MN
M: 29 Aug 1920, George Hugill, St. Vincent, MN by Jim Turner. George Hugill b. 15 Mar 1894 d. 06 Jul 1972
D: 06 Jul 1972, Humboldt, MN