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Matthew, Silas Wilfred
B: 16 Mar 1895
D: 21 Apr 1975, Services: Hallock City Hall, April 24, 1975, James Brown, Duane Forsberg. Interred: Joe River Cemetery
M: 04 Dec 1918, Nellie May Turner at St. Vincent, MN. She is daughter of the late John Turner and Mrs. Turner. The groom is nephew of Mr. George Matthew and Mr. Alfred Matthew of Humboldt.

FN: Uriah Bertram Matthew
MN: Mathilda Croaker

They farmed in Humboldt, MN area until retirement in 1973.

After Uriah Bertram Matthew (Bertie) died, his wife married John Easter. It is reported that Silas and John did not get along and Silas lived with Alfred's family for a time.

Children of Silas Wilfred Matthew and Nellie May Turner:

1. Wilfred R. Matthew

2. Clara (foster daughter) m. Louis Polaski (or Plowske), Duluth, MN

Nellie's grandmother was mentioned in the essay as having come from Germany (the Schafer family). Her name was not mentioned, but it did mention correspondence with Joe Kienapple, my husband's ancestor. Nellie's grandmother was Hannah, and here is her connection with the Kienapple family. Hannah was born in Germany January 18, 1849 or 1851.

Hannah Wiehl, her widowed mother Fredericka (nee Jahnke), (father Christian died in Germany), Hannah's aunt Catharina (Fredericka's sister) and husband Friedrich Kienappel and their son Johann, and two others, arrived in Quebec City, Canada on the ship "Auguste" which left Hamburg on 18 April 1854.

Friedrich, a coachman, led the party and they were all Lutherans. Last place of residence was Wendorf (Wentorf), Holstein, Germany. Unfortunately, Catharina died of cholera either enroute, or shortly after arrival.

They settled in the Waterloo, Ontario, Canada area where Friedrich was a farmer. He purchased his first land in 1863. Fredericka and Friedrich stayed together, and later married and had five more children in the Waterloo county area. Hannah married Martin Schaefer or Schafer at age 22 on November 19, 1871 in Heidelberg, Ontario and had their first child Elizabeth in Canada. They moved to Michigan.

The rest of the story continues in the essay. The relationship here is that Hannah is a half sister to the five children born of Friedrich and Fredericka here in Canada, and Fredericka is the common ancestor between Hannah's descendants and the Kienapple descendants. All Kienapples in Canada are related.

Source: "Mary Kienapple" <>