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Matthews, Allan Forsyth (Hills River) (Elder, Old Dock Presbyterian)
B: 1837
D: 29 Aug 1913, Age 76 Alberton Presbyterian Records
M: 21 Dec 1865, Isabella Forsyth, Alberta by Rev. Allan Fraser, Alberton Presbyterian

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Isabella Forsyth
B: 1837
D: 17 Mar 1912, age 75

FN: James Forsyth (30 Apr 1806 -2 Apr 1875) son of Allan and Margaret (Murdoch) Forysth, born Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, immigrated to PEI in 1820, along with his brother, John.

MN: Annabella Unknown

Allan Forsyth Matthews and his wife Isabella Forsyth, daughter of James and Annabella Forsyth, owned 85.5 acres of land in Hill's River (the Willard Coughlin farm). He was a very active person in the Alberton Presbyterian Church and held the position of Elder. The first person buried in Old Dock Cemetery in 1857 was an Allan Forsyth or Allan Forsyth Matthews.

The names of Henry Matthews and Charles Matthews were shown on the bottom of the card?

Children of Allan and Isabella (Forsyth) Matthews:

1. James Edgar Matthews (Presbyterian Church Records)
B: 10 Feb 1866
D: 06 Apr 1867, 6 months

2. Alexander Matthews
B: 1869
D: 07 Oct 1919, Aged 50 years. Alberton Presbyterian Records

3. Eva A. Matthews
B: 1871
D: 14 Sep 1899, Age 28 Alberton Presbyterian Records

4. Maynie Matthews
B: 1875
D: 1932

5. James Allan Matthews
B: Oct 1877
D: 13 Jan 1882, 4 yrs., 3 months.

6. Jean Louise Montgomery Matthews
B: 1882 - 83 - 84
D: 24 Feb 1898, 16 yrs.

The Congregational Records of Alberton Presbyterian Church 1829 to 1860 showed that in 1840 Alex Matthews bound himself to pay 1 pound in support of the gospel in the Cascumpec Presbyterian congregation and Henry Matthews bound himself to pay 10 shillings.

At a meeting on the 30th day of August, 1841, the session meeting proceeded to appoint collectors for the current year: Malcolm MacNeill, James Hardy, Alex Matthews, Robert Gordon and to find others. James Wells is to go to West Cape with Rev. Peter MacGregor.

April 6, 1852. Congregation met to take into consideration of a letter from the Rev. R. S. Patterson stating that Mr. Sinclair had presented to the Presbytery his demission of the charge of Cascumpec and West Cape had also appended reasons why his demission should be received and requested Charles Craswell to call a congregational meeting and inform them of Mr. Sinclair's demission and inform them that they are required to send communication to the Presbytery at its next meeting to assign reasons why Mr. Sinclair's demission should not be received or to consent to it next meeting of Presbytery will be held at Princetown on the 3rd Wednesday of April next. Signed - Robert Patterson and addressed to:

Charles Craswell, Cascumpec, March 13, 1852.

The foregoing after having been read at the meeting and resolved to said committee to object to the demission of the said Rev. John C. Sinclair, and Benjamin Haywood, Herbert Bell, and Alex Matthew was appointed and agreed to accept the office of commissioner for the said purpose.

Membership List of the Alberton Presbyterian Church in 1867 included the following Matthews:

Dock District:

Henry Matthews Sr.

Henry Matthew

John Matthew

Charles Matthews

Henry I. Matthews

Alexander Matthews


Mill River:

Allan F. Matthews


Western Road:

Archibald Matthews

John Matthews, Sr.

Samuel Matthews

Auly Matthews