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Matthews, Betsey Olivia
B: 1806
C: 28 May 1807, Brixham, England
E: Betsey Olivia Matthews was a native of Devonshire, England and emigrated from there with her family to Prince Edward Island in 1815. at the time Napoleon had been sent into exile. She reported seeing him on board the ship which took him to St. Helena in 1815. (Stone in Old Dock Cemetery reads "A native of Devonshire"). It is thought that she came from the Plymouth area as a lot of English settlers did. It is reported that Olivia emigrated with her family to PEI in 1815.
D: 20 Sep 1885, Age 79, Cascumpeque, PEI

M: 28 Sep 1835, John Wells b. 28 Apr 1800 d.1885 of Casumpeque. (son of Andrew Wells, a weaver in Langholm, Scotland, and Helen (Brown) Wells. John Wells and Betsey Olivia Matthews' marriage was witnessed by John Forsyth and Henry Matthews. The Richmond connection must have been Olivia's, as well as the Church of England, because it was stated that John Wells was Presbyterian and had settled in Cascumpeque about 1820. John Wells was born in Langholm, Scotland and died in Cascumpeque, PEI, on 23 Sep 1885.

FN: Henry Matthews
MN: Sally Swaffin

Children of John Wells and Betsey Olivia Matthews:

1. Eliza Wells
C: 1836 in Richmond, Church of England, Book 1, page 120.

2. James Wells
B: 1838
D: 1908
M: Martha MacRae of Hills River

1. James Wells b. 27 Jun 1867 d. 25 May 1961 m. Alice Johnston (16 Nov 1891 - 15 Aug 1967)

2. Alice Olivia Wells b. 1868 d. 1949

3. Annie Louise Wells b. 1872 d. 1934 m. Walter Wylie in 1909

4. Mary Minnie Wells b. 1874 d. 1972 m. Robert Wallace d. 1953

5. Nellie Wells b. 1878 d. 1959 became a registered nurse in Boston.

6. John Herbert b. 1881 d. 1963 m. Charlotte Grace Matthews (Mar 1883 - Feb 1976) dau of Edmund and Mary Ann McAlduff Matthews.

3. Henry Wells
B: 1840
D: 1887
M: Elizabeth MacArthur b. 1850 d. 1908. They had a family of six:

1. Fraser Wells

2. Ida Wells (1875 - 1946
M: Arthur Rennie

3. John A. Wells (1878 - 1948)
M: Ginette MacPherson

4. Susan Wells (1873 - 1961)

5. Lulu Wells (1883 - 1906)

6. Henry Wells


4. Andrew Wells
B: 1842
D: 1923
M: (1) Mary Ann MacRae, who died when son, Edmund (1877-1938) was born.
M: (2) Fannie Rogers

5. Susan Wells

6. Sadie Wells

7. Mary Wells

The Richmond connection must have been Olivia's as well as the Church of England, because John Wells was Presbyterian and settled in Casumpec about 1820.

On 23 Feb 1986, Lilian Wells Finlay wrote to Mrs. (Lloyd) Jean Forsyth Wilkie that they have no record of Olivia's relatives in PEI. As far as she knew, the majority of the Alberton / Dock Matthews families were from Scotland and her Mother's family was for sure.

Alexander Matthews (1809-1894), the Presbyterian Church Elder for years in the Dock, married Mary Matthews of Brixham, near Plymouth. Mary's dates: 1810 - 1888. Mary and Alexander were married in Richmond on 11 Feb 1831.

Her Mother's grandfather, Charles, was Alexander's brother. Charles married Charlotte Rogers in 1835 in New Brunswick.

In searching for English Matthews settlers in Cascumpac, Jean Forsyth said there is only one for sure. He is H. Matthews referred to by the Rev. Robert Dyer in his diary. He called him an "old Englishman" whom he visited regularly between 1861 and 14 Oct 1865 when Mr. Matthews died. Mr. Dryer mentioned that his children had married Presbyterians and became Presbyterians. (Dyer was the Anglican Minister). Dyer says he was about 82 years old in 1862 so that H. Matthews birth was probably about 1780 - around the right age to be the father of Olivia and / or Mary who did indeed marry Presbyterians.