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Matthews, Charles (Charlie)
B: 1835 or 1837, Alberton, PEI
D: 07 Aug 1907, Age 72 (Alberton Presbyterian Records)
M: Mary Wedge, St. John, N.B.

FN: Henry Matthews
MN: Annie Kingsland

Children of Charles (Charlie) Matthews and Mary Wedge:

1. Tillie Matthews
D: Unknown
M: Paul Wedge

Children of Paul Wedge and Tillie Matthews:
1. Annie Wedge m. Gus Gustavsen. May have resided in Fair Vale, NB

2. Eva Matthews
D: Unknown
M: Harold Sewell of St. John, NB

Children of Harold Sewell and Eva Matthews:
1. Doug Sewell

3. Jack Matthews
D: Unknown
M: Gertrude Haley. Lives in Red Head, NB

Children of Jack Matthews and Gertrude Haley:
1. David Matthews
2. James Matthews
3. Sally Matthews
4. Mary Matthews

4. William Henry Matthews
D: Unknown
M: Catherine Rooney. Reside in St. Andrews, NB.

Child of William Henry Matthews and Catherine Rooney:
1. George William Matthews, lives in Charlotte County on Hill's Point

5. Greta Matthews
M: Harold Bowers

6. Fraulein Matthews
M: Stuart Pelkey, of St. John, NB

Children of Stuart Pelkey and Fraulein Matthews:
1. Donald Pelkey
2. Jeannie Pelkey

7. Charles Matthews, Jr. (aka Richard or Dick)
M: Muriel Day. Reside in St. John, NB

Child of Charles Matthews, Jr. and Muriel Day:
1. George Matthews, St. John, NB.
2. Carol Matthews
3. George Matthews
4. Susan Matthews
5. Patty Matthews

8. Margaret Matthews
M: Valodo Radjavich. Reside in St. John, NB

9. Nancy Matthews
M: Malcolm Foster. Reside in Fair Vale, NB

10. Claude Matthews
D: ca. 1997, Red Head
M: Unmarried

11. George Matthews
Note: It has been reported that George died in WWII on the ship, Athabaska, which was hit a number of times. George was a gunner on the ship.