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Matthews, Charlotte Evelyn (Lottie or Little Lottie)
B: 26 Apr 1914, Alberton, PEI
M: John Robert Oliver

They bought a farm previously owned by Fraser and Letitia Wells and later bought part of the John William Forsyth farm which is now owned by Fred Rennie. They lived in Alberton and ran a dairy. Her mother, Gertrude "Gertie" lived with her. While living at the Dock, their family of three sons and two daughters were born. After farming a short time, John and Lottie moved to London, Ontario where they lived until they retired to Alberton and built their new home. (Little Lottie) lived in Alberton, PEI and ran a dairy. After son, Wendell, took over the dairy, she and John moved to the Nelson Oliver farm in South Kildare. Then they built a house in Alberton. John, son of Nelson and Jane Sellick Oliver, South Kildare, moved to the Dock and married Charlotte Matthews. Bought a farm which had been previously owned by Fraser and Letitia Wills and later bought part of the John William Forsythe farm, now owned by Fred Rennis. Their three children were born while living at the Dock. His father bought a dairy from Gillis. In 1954, John built the Revilo Dairy and installed pasteurizing equipment. Before this time, milk had been sold in a raw state. His son Wendell took over the dairy.

FN: Henry Edgar Matthews
MN: Gertrude MacNeill

Children of John Robert Oliver and Charlotte Matthews:

1. Wendall Robert Oliver
B: 15 Jun 1934, Alberton, PEI
M: Janice Jeffery, daughter of Gordon and Freda (Barnett) Jeffery. Wendell took over the operating of the dairy from his father in 1963. It was sold in 1968 to West Prince Dairy.

2. Clair Reginald Oliver (Reggie)
B: 02 Mar 1936, Alberton, PEI
M: Lily Elizabeth "Lily Beth" Clark, daughter of Albert and Isabel Clark. They lived on the farm of his grandfather, Oliver, and carried on the farming industry.

3. Shirley Anna Oliver
B: 31 May 1937, Alberton, PEI
M: Byron Bowness, Montrose. They own a farm and also are engaged in fox farming. Shirley taught at the Alberton Elementary School. They have two daughters and one son:

1. Charlotte Bowness
M: Robert Barnes

2. Shelley Bowness

Lived and worked in Charlottetown

3. Iver Bowness
B: 10 Aug 1960
M: Oct 1987, Kimberly Anne Rennie b. 05 Nov 1963

4. Edgar Nelson Oliver
B: 22 Mar 1939, Alberton, PEI
D: 27 Sep 1947, Alberton, PEI, bur. The Dock. Was killed in an automobile accident while John and Lottie were living in the Dock. Edgar was eight years old.

5. Gertrude Elizabeth Oliver
B: 07 Jul 1950, Alberton, PEI
M: Joseph Dolphin. They lived and worked in Charlottetown.