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Matthews, Erskine Warren
B: 26 May 1938
D: 13 Mar 2006
M: 19 Nov 1976, Shirley Lorraine Betts b. 29 Oct 1938 d. 25 Apr 2006, age 68,
dau of Lorne Betts and Eleanor Ellis Betts.

FN: William Thomas Matthews
MN: Ethel Warren

Children of Erskine Warren Matthews and Shirley Lorraine Betts:

1. Benny Hudley Matthews
B: 25 Jan 1958
D: 25 Sep 1996
M: (1) Donna Marie Kuwalyshen, Toronto, divorced 1978-79
M: (2) Eleanor Ramsay, dau of Veron & Eileen (MacNeil) Ramsay

Rodney Matthews

2. Vicky Matthews
B: 31 Dec 1962
M: 04 Aug 1981, Donat Gallant, son of Albert and Thelma (Arsenault) Gallant, Piusville. Vickie and Donet first lived in a little house next to The Elmsdale Clover Farm, then moved in 1982 into the home formerly owned by Stanton and Thelma Clark and owned at that time by Ralph Rennie. Then they built their own home in 1985 where they still reside now, Dec. 1, 2005.

Children of Donat Gallant and Vicky Matthews:

Chad Matthew Gallant
B: 24 Sep 1981

Melissa Mary Gallant
B: 08 Jul 1984

Children of Melissa Mary Gallant:

Dylan Benny Gallant
B: 22 Jun 2005

Charlene Matthews
B: 20 Jul 1965
M: 1986, Gerald- Jerry Costain, son of Majr and Percella (Gallant) Costain of Dock Road, Elmsdale.

Children of Gerald - Jerry Costain:

Randi Lynn Justine Costain
B: 15 Nov 1993

Rory Gerald Costain
B: 21 Feb 1995

Rodney Lee Matthews
B: 20 Jan 1967