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Matthews, George M. (O'Leary) (Bloomfield U. Cemetery) U.C.R. O'Leary
B: 10 Apr 1881
D: 12 Aug 1951
M: Emma Carruthers, dau of Alex Carruthers, West Cape b. Oct 1888 d. 20 Nov 1990.

In 1986, Jean Forsyth Wilkie wrote that Emma was very bright for her 96 years. She is the grandmother of her daughter-in-law, Judy (Lee Matthews) Wilkie. She was a resident of Maplewood manor, Alberton, who celebrated her 98th birthday, 10 Oct 1986.

FN: Hugh A. Matthews
MN: Susan Stewart

Children of George M. Matthews and Emma Carruthers:

1. Weldon Matthews
M: Alfreda Wallace.

2. Lloyd George Matthews
B: 05 Mar 1916
D: 20 May 1999
M: (1) Velda Matthews.
M: (2) Lois Hardy

3. Fred Matthews
M: Thelma Tupline, lived in Summerside. Fred is a retired teacher.

4. Gerald Allan Matthews
B: 24 Apr 1918
M: 06 Nov 1937, Margaret (Peg) Lee MacDougall b. 29 Aug 1918, dau Elward Matthews and Lena Domville, lived in Summerside, PEI where Gerald retired from many years service at the armed forces base.

5. Elmer H. Matthews (moved to Kingston, N.S.)
M: 02 Feb 1944, Carrie G. Campbell, lived in Nova Scotia. Alberton U. C.


Jean Forsythe Wilkie, 1986