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Matthews, Lillian
M: Bertram Shaw (Bert) (Brother to Amos who married Celia Matthews)

FN: Richard Matthews
MN: Harriet Clow

Children of Bertram Shaw and Lillian Matthews:

Nina Shaw
M: Ira Wright

Children of Ira Wright and Nina Shaw:

Ruby Wright
Ray Wright
Norman Wright
Johnny Wright
Alice Wright
Sadie Wright
Bessie Wright
George Wright
Ivy Wright
Wilfred Wright

Garfield Shaw
D: Died young

Florence Shaw
M: George Inman

Children of George Inman and Florence Shaw:

Jean Inman
Rettie Inman
Roy Inman
Ronald Inman
Lawrence Inman

Bayfield Shaw
M: Una Burns

Children of Bayfield Shaw and Una Burns:

Gloria Shaw
Keith Shaw d. abt 2002

Charles Shaw
M: Never married

William Shaw
M: Pearl McArthur

Children of William Shaw and Pearl McArthur:

Georgie Shaw
Bertram Shaw
Alfred Shaw
Lily Shaw
Amy Shaw

Olive Shaw
M: James McArthur

Children of James McArthur and Olive Shaw:

Stanley McArthur
Hugh McArthur
Lily McArthur
Garfield McArthur
Wilfred McArthur

Laura Shaw
M: William McFadyen

Children of William McFadyen and Laura Shaw:

Alice McFadyen
Charles McFadyen
Ruby McFadyen
George McFadyen

Emma Shaw
M: Merritt Milligan

Children of Merritt Milligan and Emma Shaw:

Gorden Milligan
Lorne Milligan
Irvin Milligan
Deletra Milligan

Alvareta (Rettie) Shaw (twin to Ruby)
M: George Reeves

Children of George Reeves and Alvareta Shaw:

Ruby Reeves
M: Olen Sharpe

Children of Olen Sharpe and Ruby Reeves:

Dean Sharpe

Verden Reeves
M: Amos Coughlin

Colin Reeves d. in infancy

Bayfield Reeves
D: 1993
M: Unmarried

John Reeves
M: Cathy Gallant

Children of John Reeves and Cathy Gallant:

Tracy Reeves

Tina Reeves

April Reeves

Bruce Reeves
M: Bernetta Bridges

Children of Bruce Reeves and Bernetta Bridges:

Launita Reeves

Corrina Reeves
D: 1992

Faron Reeves

Ruby Reeves

Olivia Reeves

Aaron Reeves

Ruby Shaw (twin to Alvareta)
M: John McKie

Children of John McKie and Ruby Shaw:

George McKie
Doreen McKie
Doris McKie (twins)
James McKie
John McKie
Willis McKie

Verden Shaw
M: James Bigger

Children of James Bigger and Verden Shaw:

James Bigger
Roland Bigger
Kenneth Bigger
Marjorie Bigger

George Shaw
M: Never married