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Matthew, or Matthews, Mary
B: 1810
C: 17 May 1811, Brixham, England
D: 21 Dec 1888, Alberton, PEI
M: 11 Feb 1831, Alexander Matthews, unrelated. b. 1809

FN: Henry Matthews
MN: Sally Swaffin

Alexander Matthews (Old Dock)
B: 1809 PEI
D: 10 Aug 1894, Age 85
M: 11 Feb 1831, Mary Matthews (not related) in Richmond b. 1810 d. 21 Dec 1888

Alexander Matthews, of Scotch descent, was the son of John Matthews and Margaret Taylor and was born in Bedeque, PEI. He married Mary Matthew (or Matthews) (1810 - 1888) of Brixham (near Plymouth) England. Charles Matthews (1835 - 1907), Alexander and Mary Matthews' son, was born in Moncton, N.B. and when he was young he came with his parents to Alberton, PEI.

Alexander and his wife were registered in the early membership rolls of the Princetown Presbyterian Church. John Matthews is said to be his father. He is recorded in the 1798 census as living in Princeton Royalty. Wife is said to be Margaret Taylor. It is also noted that Aulie (Baldy) Matthews (who is recorded in the 1798 census as living in Lot 18) may be his father, however, the source thought that Aulie was his Uncle. Mary Matthews came from England and is said not to be related to Alexander Matthews.

Alexander was a native of the Princetown area of PEI. He and his wife were registered as members of the Presbyterian Church there. His father was one of two men registered in the 1798 census. They were John Matthews of Lot 18, and Aulay or Auley (Baldy) Matthews of Princetown Royalty. They were Scottish.

Children of Alexander Matthews and Mary Matthew (or Matthews):

1. Charles Matthews
B: 14 Jul 1835, Moncton, N.B. (When young he came with his parents to PEI)
D: 08 Aug 1907, Age 72, Elmsdale, PEI
M: Abt 1860, Margaret Jane Brander, b. 10 Apr 1841 Chatham, N.B., d. 25 Dec 1926, Elmsdale, PEI, Age 86. She had moved from Chatham, N.B. to Elmsdale, PEI, when she was about 16 years old. They settled on a farm in the Dock and lived where Vernon Matthews lived before he moved to Elmsdale in 1973. Charles and Jane Matthews had a family of 6 daughters and 5 sons - Artemas, Mary, Brander, Allan, Charlotte, Henry, Winnifred, Annie, Clara, Maud and Percy. Charles was a farmer on the Dock Road and married his first cousin, Jane Brander. Her mother was sister to Charles father.

2. Henry J. Matthews
B: 1838, Alberton, PEI
D: 1921

3. Mary Weeks Matthews
B: 1840, Alberton, PEI
D: 1918

4. C. N. Gordon Matthews
B: 1851, Alberton, PEI
D: 1928



B: 1840
D: 12 May 1920, Age 80