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Matthews, Mary Jane (Minnie)
B: 13 Oct 1877
D: 27 May 1951
M: Charles Edgar Sobey. They lived first in Albany, PEI, and moved to Wilmot Valley in 1913.

FN: Hugh A. Matthews
MN: Susan Stewart

Children of Charles Edgar Sobey and Mary Jane Matthews:

1. Grace Stewart Sobey
B: 09 Apr 1905
M: Hugh MacPhee, of Brae. Grace lived in O'Leary and d. Mar 1996. Grace and Hugh had three daughters:

1. Marion Katherine MacPhee
B: 28 Mar 1931
M: (1) Glenn Brunton, RCAF, and had one son, Dennis, who lived in Vancouver, B.C.and had two sons, Dillon and Tyler
M: (2) John Gillespie, retired RCAF, lived in Summerside.

2. Marjorie Irene MacPhee
B: 31 Mar 1933
M: Neil MacKay, of Coleman. They lived in O'Leary and had three daughters:

1. Neila MacKay m. David Dean, lived in Cross Roads and had two daughters, Trena and Haley.

2. Glenda MacKay m. Arpad Deak, of Mississagua, lived in London, Ontario with their son, Matthew

3. Deanna MacKay lived in Calgary, Alberta and Martins RV, N.S. married

3. Audrey Lillian MacPhee
B: 31 Jul 1941
M: Alden Weeks, lived in O'Leary and had two children:

1. Aldene Weeks m. Jason Smallman and had two girls, Bray Grace, Brynen Jay

2. Kimball Weeks


2. George Alvan Sobey
B: 09 Aug 1908
D: 10 May 1975 or 1987
M: Rowena Lockhart, and had three sons:

1. Dr. Douglas Sobey, teached ecology in a university in Belfast, Ireland.

2. Dale Sobey m. Patricia Cheverie. Dale is a horseman. They had one son, Alex

3. Carl Sobey, lived in California


3. Lillian Sobey
B: 16 Oct 1909
D: Mar 1996
M: Melbourne Matthew, lived in Wilmot Valley.


4. Melbourne Sobey


5. John Frederick Sobey (Jack)
B: 13 Jun 1916
D: 1995
M: Jeanette Visser, of Holland. They lived in Charlottetown. Jack d. fall of 1995

1. Pauline (Gregory), lived in Cornwall, PEI and had two children, Lisa and Nicholas

2. Carolyn m. Andrew Aitken. They lived in Warren Grove and had a family of seven: Andrea, Jennifer, D'arcy, Timothy, Robbie, Emily, and Daniel.

3. Fritz m. Alana Cahill, and lived in Cornwall

4. Brian, lived at home