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Matthews, Russell
B: 10 Aug 1875 (1900 census says Aug 1878 and being 21 years old at the time of the census. It shows him emigrating in 1899. He worked at John Diamond's at the time of the census.
D: 1947? Pneumonia?
M: Mary Wilson (Previously married to a Jury)

FN: William Matthews
MN: Mary Eliza Clow

Mary Jury's children from previous marriage:

Unknown Son Jury

Elsie Jury
M: May have married Unknown Fisher from Northcote.

Janet Jury
M: May have been Unknown James (Preacher?)

Child of Unknown James and Janet Jury:
Margaret (Peggy) James

Mayme Jury
Harvey said Mayme was friendly with the Wilsons. Harold Finney said Mayme stayed with the Wilsons while she was going to school.

Children of Russell Matthews and Mary Wilson:

1. Gordon Matthews
B: 23 Dec 1919
D: 1982
M: 18 Mar 1939, Anne Snare, in Halma, MN b. 14 Apr 1920, Greenbush, MN d. 22 Apr 1997, Hallock, MN

2. Patrick Matthews
D: California
M: Myrtle Unknown. Lived in Northcote, MN but moved away in the late '50's.

Children of Patrick Matthews and Myrtle Unknown:

Janice Mae Matthews
M: Married and had children

Son Matthews, many years younger than Janice

3. Lucy Matthews
M: Alex Jerome, Lived in Northcote but moved to Missouri in late '50's.

Children of Alex Jerome and Lucy Matthews:

Russell Jerome
M: Lucy Carrier of Hallock

Lewis Jerome - might have been a career man in the USAF

Ross Jerome - married and has family in Missouri

Donna Jerome - married, divorced and remarried

Judy Jerome (
Was a high school sweetheart of John Hunter)
M: Johnny Lewis and has family.

4. William Matthews
M: Married and lived in Lancaster, MN but moved to southern California in mid '50's. There were several children. Jimmy (James) stayed in Minnesota and lived with Gordon and Anne until graduation from high school in 1960.

Children of William Matthews and Unknown:
1. James Matthews
B: 1942
M: (2) Janice (Jan) Unknown

2. Jerry Matthews (lives in Bloomington, MN)
B: Unknown

2. Judy Matthews
B: Unknown
M: Unknown Knutson (Live in Palmdale, CA)

5. Violet Matthews
M: Ray Breech, Big Bear Lake, CA d.

Children of Unknown Breech and Violet Matthews

Donald Breech, California

Lucy and Alex Jerome have both died. They have 2 remaining children.

Judy married to Johnny Lewis @ 13458 Highway 63, Rolla, Missouri, 65401-7504 and Lucille who lives in Oregon or Washington.

Grandma Matthews was a Jury married to Russell Matthews...I am thinking that "Jury" was her 1st marriage name...her maiden name may have been Wilson.

Darlene Carlson in Waterloo, Iowa may have some information that would be of some help. Her phone number is 319-233-4696.

02/26/03 Harold Finney said that Mayme's father died quite young. Thought he was from Prince Edward Island. Also said he thought there was a son and an Elsie Jury who m. a Fisher from Northcote.