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Matthews, Sally Ann
B: 1806, Devonshire, England
D: 1884, PEI
M: Before 1825, Hector MacNeill or McNeill, in PEI. It was reported that Hector was a Lowland Scot, born1806, who was employed by the Matthews family in Portsmouth, England, as a coachman. He was son of Charles MacNeill and Elizabeth Matthews. She d. 1884 in PEI, Canada.

FN: Unknown Matthews
MN: Unknown

Children of Hector MacNeill and Sally Ann Matthews:

Henry MacNeill or McNeill
B: 1825, PEI
D: 26 Oct 1901
M: Elizabeth Matthews b. 1824 PEI d. 13 Jan 1878.

Samuel (Sam) MacNeill or McNeill
B: 08 Jun 1840
D: 14 May 1915, Elmsdale, PEI
M: Ellen Matthews

Peter MacNeill or McNeill
B: Elmsdale, PEI
M: 23 Dec 1868, Margaret Matthews, dau of Samuel Matthews, Elmsdale, Lot 4 (uncertain about this entry)

Charles MacNeill or McNeill
B: Elmsdale, PEI

Elizabeth MacNeill or McNeill
B: 13 Feb 1847 or 48, Elmsdale, PEI
D: 1923, Holden, MA
M: 28 Jul 1877, in Elmsdale, PEI, Auley Matthews, Jr. Moved to the area around Worchester, Mass.

Sarah Anne MacNeill or McNeill
B: 13 Feb 1847, Elmsdale, PEI
D: 13 May 1908, South Portland, Maine
M: 20 Mar 1873, Henry Clinton Matthews. Moved to Portland, Maine

James (Jim) MacNeill or McNeill
B: 19 Feb 1848, Elmsdale, PEI
D: 10 Jan 1921, PEI
M: Margaretta Unknown

Daughter MacNeill or McNeill
D: Before 13 Feb 1848

Hector MacNeill or McNeill
B: Abt 1850, Elmsdale, PEI
D: 1879, Elmsdale, PEI
M: Margaret Matthews

Son MacNeill or McNeill
D: Died young - drowned

Son MacNeill or McNeill
D: Died young - lung fever

Solomon MacNeill or McNeill

Yes, I meant I didn't know about Margaret Taylor! She was married to James's brother Malcolm. But Donald Taylor, Jr. didn't have a daughter named Margaret as far as I know...Margaret may have been one of Donald's brother's children. Donald had a brother named John and I have a list of his children's names, but no Margaret. However, I'm sure that Donald, Sr. and his wife, Maureen MacBride, had more than just the two boys...only I don't know their names. I finally put my family tree of the descendents of Malcolm MacNeill and Elizabeth Campbell on the lineages page of Prince Edward Island, hoping that I might get a response to some of my questions. I'm descended from Ephraim MacNeill and Elizabeth Matthews and a descendent of Eprhaim's sister, Elizabeth, sent me the letter you had included in your second posting. I believe that my gggrandfather, Ephraim, was wrong in saying the group came on a different ship than the Annabella as Ann was only about two at the time and it would have fit in that they came in 1770 and she was taken in by the Ramsay's, also on the same ship. Since Charles was taken in by the Matthews, possibly from the same ship, then I find that a family of MacLean was on the ship, and James the third child married a Mary or Elizabeth MacLean, perhaps he had been taken in by that family. Don't know what happened to old Malcolm MacNeill! Many of those who were orginally on the ship married into the MacNeill line, were probably from the same area in Scotland and stuck together once they were shipwrecked on Prince Edward Island. I thought, too, that Eprhaim had said that the captain of the ship used an interpreter, his chief mate, a MacDonald, to try to persuade the Highlanders to sign the document relieving him of dumping the passengers at PEI...however, then I learn that the Capt was a Stewart from Campbelltown....why would he not have understood their language? I thought he was English! The MacNeill family was very bitter about the whole situation and I believe it may have had something to do with Malcolm losing Elizabeth in the harsh conditions in PEI. Perhaps they had paid for passage to the Carolinas...only no refund when they were shipwrecked! It's all still a mystery, though I have had a response from a couple of other descendents of families on the Annabella and I'm hoping to make a list of several of the names one of these days! I really appreciate your help!


I may have sent you some of this before (which is on the website) but - -