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Matthews, William Green
B: 22 Sep 1830, A native of Summerside, PEI and moved to New Brunswick) (Headstone in cemetery shows birth as 1828.
D: 04 Jun 1919, Buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton
M: 19 May 1857, Damietta Lutz, or Lutes, at Steeves Mountain, NB

The obituary in the June 5th issued of the Moncton Times says "he was a native of Summerside, PEI and came to the mainland about 65 years ago when he took up residence on a farm in Sunny Brae, and for the past 40 years had been a resident of Moncton."

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Damietta Lutz was part of the 7 families that settled in the Moncton area in 1766. Her father was Zachariah Lutes whose wife was Mary Steeves. Damietta was one of 7 - 9 children and the first girl. Four previous children were boys and one of them was named Auley Z (presumably the Z was for Zachariah).

Children of William Green Matthews and Damietta Lutz, or Lutes:

1. Sampson Busby born 1857

2. Jerimiah Jost Vickers born 1859

3. George Clarence
B: 1861
M: (1) Elizabeth Russell
M: (2) Edith Brassett, Calais, Maine. She and her family moved to Moncton
from Stratford on Avon, England when she was 13. Her Father, David Brassett,
died early on and her Mother Alice Wilson Brassett died early on and her Mother, Alice Wilson Brassett, married Harry Adams in 1914 in the county of Westmoreland.

Children of George Clarence Matthews and Elizabeth Russell:

Helen Matthews

Children of George Matthews and Edith Brassett:

Hilda Matthews
B: 04 Sep 1913, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hilda Matthews
M: Sep 1933 James Nimmo Hubbard

Children of James Hubbard and Hilda Matthews:

1. James Nimmo Hubbard 111

2. Lee Nance Hubbard
M: Seater

3. Virginia Warren Hubbard
M: Rothwell

4. Jane Hubbard
M: Winslow

4. Auley Z born 1862

5. Mary Jane "Jennie" born 1864

6. William Stephenson born 1867

7. Sarah S born abt. 1868

Possibly two unnamed children born 1871 (as per 1871 Moncton census)


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