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Matthews, William 1
M: Unknown

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of William Matthews and Unknown:

William Matthews 2
B: Est. circa 1819-1824 based on their first child being born 1839.
D: 31 Mar 1876, died intestate leaving a wife, Jane, and 9 children.
M: 07 July 1840 (1) Elizabeth Burgoyne, Charlottetown, PEI
M: 30 Dec 1851 (2) Janethen or Janethan Stewart.

01 January 1840. On 17 September 1842, the executors of the Earl of Selkirk, an absentee landlord, leased 50 acres on Lot 31 to William Burgoyne, farmer of the same lot. He also leased 50 acres on Lot 31 to Joseph Wise, a farmer of Lot 31. Both of these are backdated to 01 January 1840 which would indicate that they were in possession of the lands before the actual lease was issued. Not an unusual occurrence.

03 October 1842. Joseph Wise transferred his lease to William Burgoyne which would then put Burgoyne in possession of the full 100 acres. (Since these farms were not described other than by a farm number and the numbers were left out of the transfers and deeds it is hard to tell for certain that we are at all times dealing with the same land.

The 1848 PEI census for WILLIAM MATTHUS: showed 5 children born on PEI. All were born before 1848. There were two females and one male there at the time of census, in addition to the parents. All were baptized 26 May 1846, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Charlottetown, PEI, by L. C. Jenkins, Rector.

16 January 1858. John Burgoyne transferred to William Matthews, in his own right, the 50 acres which William Burgoyne had obtained by transfer from Joseph Wise. This, in effect, gave William Matthews, control over the entire 100 acres but half of which he held only in trust for his eldest son. (If there were a relationship between Matthews and Burgoyne, and since Burgoyne was an old man when he got the leases, it might be assumed that Matthews may have been farming the land for him, however, Matthews already had 50 acres from Selkirk in 1842.

16 February 1858. John Burgoyne of Lot 21 (where North Granville is located) as only surviving son and heir of William Burgoyne transferred one lease for the 50 acres, which William Burgoyne got directly from the Selkirk estate, to William Matthews in trust for William Matthews, age 16, eldest son of his father, William. (Would make the son William b. 1842)