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Mattson, Unknown
B: Island of Ifo, Sweden and were owners of an estate called "Du Chailu". They later moved to the Parish of Onnestad near the city of Kristianstad in Southern Sweden.
M: Unknown


Children of Unknown Mattson and Unknown:

Hans Mattson
E: 1851. The Mattsons were the first white family to settle in Goodhue County and the place became known as "Mattsons Settlement." Later, it was named Vasa. Came to Kittson County, Red River Valley, in 1879

Lars Mattson
E: 1852. Took his claim in 1879. Lars and his cousin were the first settlers in the area which was to become known as the Red River Community. Later it was established
M: Bengta

Children of Lars Mattson and Bengta:

Fred Mattson
B: Sweden
M: Anna Fogelberg, dau of Mr. & Mrs. August Fogelberg

Children of Fred Mattson and Unknown:

Edgar Mattson
M: Hannah Mortenson

Children of Edgar Mattson and Hannah Mortenson:

Shirley Mattson

Chester Mattson
M: Unmarried

Chauncy Mattson
M: Ada Unknown

Alice Mattson
M: Eldren Lindahl

Casper Mattson
M: Inga Forsberg

Children of Casper Mattson and Inga Forsberg

Larry Mattson

Robert Mattson

Violet Mattson
M: Len Crouch

Children of Len Crouch and Violet Mattson:

Daniel Crouch

Gladys Mattson
M: William Erickson

Children of William Erickson and Gladys Mattson:

William Erickson

Joe Erickson

Vincent Mattson
B: 1917
M: Joyce Nelson

Children of Vincent Mattson and Joyce Nelson:

Michael Mattson

Kimball Mattson

Katherine Mattson


Hilma Mattson
B: Sweden
M: Andrew Anderson

Children of Andrew Anderson and Hilma Mattson:

Martha Anderson

Awley Anderson

Nannie Anderson

Arthur Mattson
B: Sweden
M: Brittine Bengston

Children of Arthur Mattson and Brittine Bengston:

Hazel Mattson