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Maxwell, Janie Mildred
B: 29 Jun 1902, Humboldt, MN
D: 04 Apr 1971, St. Paul, MN. Bur: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN
M: (1) 19 Aug 1926, Gustavus Morrison
M: (2) 1958, Herbert Turnquist

FN: Samuel Maxwell
MN: Eliza Ann (Lydia) Diamond

Janie Mildred Maxwell Morrison Turnquist, church woman, nurse and artist, was born June 29, 1902 at Humboldt, MN. She completed nursing training at Abbott Hospital in Minneapolis with post graduate work at the University of Minnesota. For many years she was a public health nurse for the city of Minneapolis. In 1926, she was married to Gustav Morrison of Boston, a Methodist minister. To this union two boys and two girls were born. For thirty years Janie participated actively in church work serving in both the Montana and Minnesota conferences including churches in Proctor, Olivia, and New Ulm. After her husband's death in 1956, Janie became resident nurse at the Walker Memorial Methodist Home for Senior Citizens. In 1958, she was married to Herbert Turnquist of Chicago. In 1967, Janie and Herbert moved to Roseville and have been active in the Women's Society of Christian Service, the 3-20's Club, art groups and the work of Centennial United Methodist Church. Janie leaves a legacy of Christian devotion and service.

Children of Rev. Gustavus Morrison and Janie Maxwell:

1. Enid Ruth Morrison
B: 09 Nov 1929
M: 28 Dec 1953, Rev. Vernon Bell

1. Mike Bell Step sons
B: 1946

2.George Bell
B: 1950

3. David Bell
B: 1954
M: 30 Jun 1979, Lois Unknown

4. Janie Mo Bell
B: 1952
M: 21 Mar 1981, Gordon Farnsworth

1. Trevor Farnsworth b. 27 Nov 1985

2. Eugene (Bud) Morrison
B: 1931
M: 15 Jun 1957, Helen Unknown

1. Jean Morrison
B: 1961
M: 1980, John Tumper

2. Carol Morrison
B: 1966

3. Lillian Morrison
B: 1934
M: 11 Jul 1953, Martin Anderson

1. Charles Anderson
B: 1954
M: 18 Jun 1983, Deanne Unknown

2. Jennifer Anderson
B: 1962 Adopted

3. Danny Anderson
B: 1969

4. Charles Morrison (Dr?)
B: 1940
M: (1) Laurie Unknown d. 1975

1. Grant Morrison
B: 1966

2. Melissa Morrison
B: 1968

3. Mark Morrison
B: 1972

M: (2) 19 Jun 1981 Carolyn Unknown

1. Andrew Gustavus Morrison
B: 19 Nov 1982

2. Jason Step sons
B: 1975

3. Jeremy
B: 1977