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McAlduff, Daniel
B: Abt 1818, Queens County, Ireland
D: 01 Jan 1866, age abt. 47. The 18 January 1866 issue of the Summerside Journal reported the tragedy:...while hauling poles on the ice in the company of his two sons, Daniel fell off the load and died instantly. He was about 47 years old.
Buried: Old Dock Cemetery, Cascumpec, Lot 5
M: 25 Nov 1841, by banns, Catherine Naughton / Norton, by Rev. L.E. Perry. The witnesses were Bernard "McElduff" and Marie Bowly. She was born in Ireland, and was living in 1881 in Lot 4 in the household of her son-in-law, Edmund C. Matthews. She was aged 84 (hence born circa 1797), but it was probably an exaggerated figure - the enumerator probably meant to write "64," with a more likely approximate birthdate of 1817. She was not enumerated in the 1891 Census.

FN: James McAlduff

In 1861, Daniel McAlduff, farmer, and family resided on 50 acres of land at Lot 4. The household consisted of six people, of which two males were under age 21, one male was aged 45-60, one female was aged 5-16, one female was aged 45-60, and one female was aged upward of 60 (likely Daniel Zapf Cals mother, Mary, counted as "married," but actually widowed). He had used 20 years of a 999-year lease. On page 135 of Hutchinson's Prince Edward Island Directory for 1864, he was cited as a farmer of Lot 4.

On 02 Nov 1866, he agreed to sell to James Hardy the Mary McAlduff farm in Lot 4. On page 142 (2193) of the 1871 Canadian Dominion Directory, "M.S." McAlduff, resident of Alberton, Lot 4, was listed as a trader and cooper. He was listed in the 1881 Census as a cooper.

Children of Daniel McAlduff and Catherine Naughton born at South Kildare:

1. Michael McAlduff
B: 1842
C: Baptized 09 Nov 1842, St. Simon-St. Jude Church, Tignish, Lot 1. His sponsors were Stephen McAlduff and Margaret McAlduff.
M: 23 Jul 1867 by Rev. Azade J. Trudel in St. Jacques Church, Egmont Bay, Lot 15, Sebelia Walsh of Lot 8, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Fitzgerald) Walsh. The witnesses were James "McElduff," Patrick Walsh and Catherine Gillis. Sebelia was deceased by the time of the 1881 Census, when she was not enumerated with Michael. They did not appear to have any children together.

2. Mary Ann McAlduff
B: 1844
C: Baptized 20 Sep 1844
D: 30 May 1926, perhaps at Edmonton, Alberta.
M: Edmond C. Matthews

3. James McAlduff
B: 24 Jul 1846
C: Baptized 09 Aug 1846, St. Anthony's Church, Bloomfield, Lot 5. His sponsors were Edward McAlduff and Mary Foy. Known as James "L." McAlduff, on 26 December 1866 he signed (along with his mother Catherine, sister Mary Ann Matthews and brother-in-law Edmund C. Matthews) an agreement to quit the claim on his mother's farm to his brother Michael. He does not appear to have married. He probably left the Island prior to 1881.