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Melin, Charles Robert
B: 1888, near Karlstad, Sweden
E: 1905, arrived at age 17 to join his mother and family - Mrs. Gustaf Dorff
D: Mayh 1965
M: 08 Oct 1921, Lillie Nathalie Olsen. "Thalie" was one of 5 daughters of Swen and Gustava Olsen. d. Dec 1968


Children of Charles Robert Melin and Lillie Olsen:

Phyllis Gene Melin
M: Silas O. Peterson

Children of Silas O. Peterson and Phyllis Gene Melin:

Craig Peterson

Lois Betty Melin
M: William R. Sandberg

Children of William R. Sandberg and Lois Betty Melin:

Deborah Sandberg

Melinda Melin
M: Eric Peterson

Rebecca Melin


Charles (Bud) Wendell Melin
M: Jean Leith Witmer

Children of Charles Melin and Jean Witmer:

Robert Charles Melin

David John Melin