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Melin (or Meline), Charlie
M: (1) Unknown, had 3 children
M: (2) Hulda Unknown, had 6 children. Died with Esther was about 2 1/2 years old.

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

The Melin name was originally Carlson, which was changed by Charlie Meline. He then spelled the name with an "e" on the end that was later dropped because of confusion in mail delivery. There were two Carl Meline's in the neighborhood.

Melin, Carl
M: Hulda Unknown

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Carl Melin and Hulda Unknown:

Harry Melin
B: 27 Mar 1907, Lancaster, MN
M: 25 Nov 1937, Muriel LaRoque.

Children of Harry Melin and Muriel LaRoque:

Dianne Melin
M: Marcel Beaulieu, had 1 daughter and 4 boys

Cynthia Melin
M: Larry Shafer, had 2 daughters.

Harriet Melin
M: James Cheslock, had 1 daughter and 1 son.

Mary Melin
M: Jerry Carlson

Theresa Melin
M: Scott Spilde


Children of Charlie Melin and Unknown:

Three children

Children of Charlie Melin and Hulda Unknown:

Arthur Melin

Harry Melin
M: Muriel LaRoque, had 5 girls: Dianne, Cynthia, Harriet, Mary & Theresa.

Axel Melin

Wilbur Melin
B: 1912
D: 28 Sep 1971
M: 23 Sep 1945, Ella Lindstrom, had 1 son, Gary.

Child of Wilbur Melin and Ella Lindstrom:

Gary Melin
B: 01 Aug 1947, Kittson Memorial Hospital, Hallock, MN
M: 21 Jun 1975, Janelle Jacobson from Greenbush, MN

Child of Gary Melin and Janelle Jacobson:

Kirsten Melin
B: 14 Jun 1978, Kittson Memorial Hospital

Walford Melin (Mike)
M: Dorothy Unknown, had 1 son, Michael

Esther Melin
M: Al Swanson, had 2 children: Bradley & Barbara