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Dorothy Boatz's Memories

"You won't believe this, but - -"

The McLean County Independent


Beth was a teen-age terror!

With her permission, approval and blessing, it has beendecided by our family that the world is now ready to hear excerpts fromBeth's 1965, 1966, and 1967 diaries. It is not likely that True Confessionswill be interested in publishing her memoirs, nor is it likely that anypresent-day teenager will be consumed with envy if she reads the excitingand thrilling episodes I am about to disclose.

The following is a complete and unabridged version of allthe sensational and earth-shaking events that transpired in her early teens.In its original form with spelling and grammatical errors intact, I quote:

- 1965 - (13 years old)

Jan. 31 - Went to a basketball game and we lost. Ate candyand drank pop with Diane.

Feb. 3 - Went to school and my boyfriend payed much moreattention to me.

Nov. 23 - Went to school. Did homework. Ironed. Took abath with new soap.

- 1996 -

Jan. 22 - Went to school and got our report cards.

25 - I worked a puzzle, hemmed some pant-legs. Almost criedover a show I watched.

28 - Went to a basketball game and had a paper cup fightand talked.

Feb. 3 - Went to school. Craig looked so cute today. Helooked at me a couple of times.

9 - Made muffins and fudge. Went to church and wore mynylons. Am going to bed now.

10 - I am babysitting tonight and Dave is making trouble.Saw Craig in school today. Went to bed at 9:30.

11 - Went to school and Craig looked straight at me. Amhaving a time trying to get Susie to bed.

12 - Went to church and had ashes on my forehead. Wentto school and walked by Craig and had fun.

13 - Am mad at Christie because she said she likes Craig.Babysat tonight. Craig looked at me. Got a valentine today.

Feb. 17 - Went to school and wore my culottes. WatchedTV. Everyone likes Craig - even my mother.

19 - Played Scrabble and Monopoly and lost. Am breakingSusie of the bottle.

24 - Went to school and heard speeches. Played Scrabbleand Mom got a perminent.

Mar. 13 - Went to a Licem and took Jerry. Babysat tonight.

29 - Easter Sunday. Went to church and sang in the chior.

May 30 - Spent the whole day practicing for Confirmation.Had an ice-cream cone after.

June 2 - Came home from Catechism with a headache, feverand soar throat. I was very sick.

15 - I found 10 pennies by the trash barrel. Dave camedown with the measles.

19 - Went to school. Got into a fight with my SISTER.

Feb. 1 - Went to school and didn't do anything amazingtoday.

2 - Stayed up till 11:30 doing homework. Had a blizzard.Disected earthworms.

15 - Went to Letterman's Bankquet and wore my culottes.

17 - Went to school. Disected grasshopers in biology.

Apr. 8 - Carolyn came over. Had pietza. Found out somethingvery disappointing about Herman (of Herman's Hermits). He actually doessmoke (19 years old). Shame on him.

13 - Dave came home. Had french fried onions.

16 - Watched the Monkees on TV. Missed the Electric Prunesbecause Dad didn't want us to see them. Today shouldn't have happened.

May 9 - Stayed after school and did my homework. Made marangues.It took 2 hours and 15 minutes in the oven because the humdidity was sohigh.

11 - Took a bath. Studied for a biology test. Finally finishedfrogs.

16 - Mary got sent to the principal's office for burninginsense in study hall.

26 - Adele and I planned a trip to Eruope. I walked aroundon top of the school.

June 13 - Went to Hoglin's and helped Adele babysit. Almosthad a chance to go swimming.

July 25 - Painters are working on our house.

26 - Painters are still here. One is 18 and real cute.

Aug. 2 - Painters came today and we had to say farewellto each other. Baked cookies.

7 - Ironed all day. Burned a hole in Mick's pants.

Sept. 17 - Mick went to college for good. Jerry lost anothertooth.

Oct. 8 - Jerry has symtons of the mumps. Went and drovearound Hallock.

26 - Ironed at Westman's for hours. Babysat at Getschels.Prepared slightly for a history test.

31 - Took Jerry, Susie and Todd Burton out trick or treating.Went Christmas caroling afterwards.

Nov. 17 - Mick, Dave and John came home. Went to SadieHawkins Dance and Tony and I got married and spent the whole evening together.Had a ball.

Dec. 4 - Wrapped a couple dozen Christmas presents. Susieplayed a real cute joke on us by playing hooky from school.

17 - Went to church at St. Vincent and Tony and I had agood time. Made the kids a snowman. Baked cookies.

If Craig reads this, he will probably be pleasantly surprisedto realize that the day he "looked at" Beth was a red-letter dayin her life. Tony may have difficulty recalling all that fun that they hadin church at St. Vincent, but whatever the fun was, it made her day. And"taking a bath with new soap" must have been almost more excitementthan one person could stand.

Beth was content with her life then, and she honestly believedthat it was full and challenging.

I wish that our grandchildren could have it that good.If I thought it would bring them happiness and contentment, I would buyeach of them a new bar of soap for Christmas - even at today's prices.


ought it would bring them happiness and contentment, I would buyeach of them a new bar of soap for Christmas - even at today's prices.