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Mary Boatz Motschenbacher's Memories


Major Blizzards


Since we have lived in Florida and know not what snow islike any more, I do recall the major blizzards we experienced but how muchfun we had during them. We were always delighted when school was calledoff and had great plans to sleep in, then watch those TV programs we couldn'totherwise watch during the day, and rejoice in the fact that we had yetanother day to catch up on homework. But what we really looked forward towas huge banks of snow outside for us to tunnel throw, build forts, playKing of the Mountain (Mick was always the self appointed King) and havekiller snowball fights.

One time I recall the snow being so high that we were unableto open the front door to get outside. So my dad took the door off the hingesand assisted me while I tunneled out to the street. We had to crawl throughthat tunnel for the next couple days if we needed to get out for anything.

I will always fondly remember the strong sense of communitythat Humboldt offered. I remember well the tragic deaths of Tony Tri andDon Brown but especially remember how the community came together to bewith these families and assist in whatever way they could. No one ever hadto be alone at these times nor be solely responsible for funeral arrangementsor the like. There were so many good people in Humboldt who really knewthe meaning of service to one another.

to one another.