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Mary Boatz Motschenbacher's Memories


Football / Softball Games


I recall all the fun we had as kids outside in our yardsat night. It was generally always understood that there would be a softballgame or football game in someone's yard. My brothers and sister and I wouldtake Mom's knee pads (the kind she would use to put on before scrubbingthe floors on hands and knees) and use them as football gear. The rulesdictated that the boys could not tackle the girls but the girls had to tacklethe boys. We could not get up and run but had to play on our knees at alltimes (thus the need for Mom's knee pads). At the end of a game, we wereall filthy, exhausted, and probably sporting a few bruises. My memory doesn'talways serve me the greatest but I think oftentimes the Baldwins, Rustads,Hunts, Diamonds, and other kids joined us. I remember one time during asoftball game that I actually caught the ball and was the hero as the outwas sorely needed. The guys never expected much from the girls so this cameas a surprise to them.