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Mary Boatz Motschenbacher's Memories


Class Trips


Another absolutely favorite memory from "way backthen" was all the fun

trips we took through the school for speech, one act play,etc. We

thought we were such big stuff when we got to stay overnightin hotels

without our parents. International Falls, MN was a favoritespot.


Our senior class took their senior trip to Riding MountainNational Park

in Canada in the early part of May, 1968. It was a wonderfulvacation

spot and we all enjoyed it so much but the highlight waswhen Larry

Olsonawski collected bets from all of us that he was braveenough to

jump into the outdoor swimming pool in spite of the frigidtemperatures.

I believe we all had to pay him a quarter but he did it.I can't

believe that it was worth a few quarters considering theicy status of

the pool water but it must have been worth it to him.

t have been worth it to him.