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Mary Boatz Motschenbacher's Memories

Dorothy Turner's Kindness


I happened to be thinking a few days ago of a time whenthe weather was

typically northern Minnesota. Carolyn Loer, my best friendand fellow

mischief finder, and I had taken off out into the countryon a night with

less than desirable weather conditions. Fresh snow hadfallen and it was

cold and windy.

Somewhere south and west (I believe) of Humboldt, the car became stuck ina

snow bank and, in spite of repeated attempts to drive out of it, we remainedstuck
with the only alternative being to walk. We were ill prepared for any kindof a

trek in this suboptimal weather but didn't think we hada choice. After walking

to two farm houses, both unoccupied, we knew we would haveto try reach

Burton and Dorothy's Turner house. Upon arriving there,we were most

grateful to see that they were home and it didn't takeDorothy more than a few

seconds to start heating milk for hot chocolate to helpwarm us. She fussed over

us until she was reassured we were both okay. I will neverforget her kindness,

not only that night but always. Their daughter, Leslie,was a classmate of mine

and had inherited the same kindness and gentle nature ofher mom.

indness and gentle nature ofher mom.