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Dorothy Boatz's Memories

A Tribute to a Small Town

by Dorothy Boatz

Kittson County Enterprise, June 30, 1999

Thirty years ago our family moved from the small town ofHumboldt, after an 18 year residence in that very special place, affectionallyreferred to by my family as "Mayberry, USA," That title is a complimentin its highest form. If the entire United States could be made up of smalltowns like Humboldt, we would have a near-perfect nation.

Only in a small town like Humboldt will people wave toyou, as you pass through town, whether or not they know you.

Only in a small town like Humboldt will coffee be freeto a newcomer at a filling station.

Only in a small town like Humboldt will you always findthe welcome mat out and the coffee pot on.

Only in a small town like Humboldt will the small, ruralschool, with its dedicated teachers, turn out a record number of "achievers."

Only in a small town like Humboldt will people gather foran annual "picnic" and a reunion of present and former residents,sharing memories, pictures and the good food provided by a close-knit, caringcommunity.

On June 16 of this year, my daughter, Beth, and I wereprivileged to attend that memorable picnic. The welcome we received, thehugs, the laughs and non-stop conversation all added up to a wonderful,exciting event for us that we will re-live many times over.

When President Clinton said those oft-repeated words "Ittakes a whole village to raise a child," he must have had Humboldtin mind because that is where young people were given the encouragement,support and love they needed to grow and become the exceptional people theyare now.

I have had a good life, a good family, good friends andthe honor of spending eighteen of those years among people who count amongthe best. Humboldt is now, and will always be "Home" to me andmy family - and that will never change.

This is my way of saying "Thank you" to themfor being who there are, and for their lasting, solid friendships, and forthe annual "picnic" that brings us together.