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Dorothy Boatz's Memories


The Worst Storm

The worst storm that I can remember was a tornado around1961. My husband, Bob Boatz, was the manager of the Humboldt grain elevator.Bob started home but could not make it. I was busy trying to find shelterwith the kids at Alfred and Margaret Rustad's house. The water came in throughthe windows and our front door blew open. My son Dave slept through theentire storm. All of the electric lines were down. We had to be carefulabout going outside because of the downed power lines.

There was a tree down in front of the Methodist Churchthat was split in half. The Methodist Church was undamaged. I remember prayingwith my children. There were twigs and leaves embedded into the paint ofthe house from the force of the storm. Our house had to be repainted inour wood framed house. No one was injured to the best of my knowledge despitethe ferocious storm.


This event was transcribed by a telephone conversationwith Professor Michael Rustad of Suffolk University Law School in Boston.

in Boston.