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Scott Clow Memories

The Old Lady Who Lived Near the Gravel Pit


I used to drive a gravel truck for Squirt Winters and traveledmany of

the back roads north of Lancaster. I used to load gravelout of a pit

right near the Customs Station off Hwy 59.

There was an old lady who lived near the pit who would walk over where Iwas

loading. She had me give her rides to neighbors' places on my route. Shewas so
afraid that she never talked to me in the truck & she would cower inthe corner

so far I was afraid she would fall out the door.

The garter snakes were so thick on the road to the pit that it was literally

carpeted with them. Some were about 3' long, but most were about a footlong.

You ended up running over many of them & they made the road so slickI almost
went into the ditch with the empty truck one time.

The old woman would walk down that road with all the snakes & not blinkan

eye, but she sure was scared of me.

she sure was scared of me.