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The 1950 Flood

Ralph Giffen


I remember the 1950 flood. My parents said that was impossible,but I think it is a memory of a real event.

Until I was three years old, our family lived at my Grandmaand Grandpa's farm west of Humboldt. We lived in the two room shack thatmy Grandpa eventually moved into. Right there on the Red. Right therewhere the home place finally succumbed to the Red flood of 1997.

Over the years, my grandparents, then my uncle Don, hadto deal with the water that regularily got close to the house. One timethey even flooded the basement with fresh water so that the bad water wouldnot go in and spoil any of the basement. That was sometime in the 50s. We always were having to fetch my grandparents from the floods in the 50sand 60s.

Now for my real memory, I think. It is the first thingthat I recall in my life. It is what I think was a very emotional eventthat etched itself on my brain even at the young age of 10 months.

I remember my parents and grandparents and the outsidefront step. The water was very near the door and we had a small boat toferry us down the lane to the county road. I remember my dad handing meto my grandfather in the front of the boat. We then motored out to thehouse that Don lived in at the end of the lane.

I asked my folks about this recently, and they said thatthey couldn't really beleive it. However, they were not altogether clearabout what went on then either.


Ralph Giffen submitted by Michael Rustad, 02 Feb 01

ael Rustad, 02 Feb 01