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Dennis Matthews' Memories


Roy Stewart had a barn behind his house on the east sideof town.

Lewis Matthew had a barn, chicken coop, and pasture onthe north side of town one block north of his residence.

George David (aka Ben) & Lomas Matthews had a barnand pasture on the north side of town west of Lewis Matthew's barn and pastureproperty.

Fred Bockwitz had the large barns that were once the HillFarm barns on the west side of town across the railroad tracks. The haylofts of the barns were so large they were used for track events by thelocal athletes.

Laurence (Joe) Diamond had a barn one block south of hisresidence where he kept Jersey and Guernsey cows that produced milk fora few people in town. He would groom his cows constantly and they were impeccablyclean. Those were the days when cream would rise to the top of the bottle.