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Dennis Matthews' Memories

Eskimo Pies

Andy Blodgett had a restaurant in the old bank buildingon the southwest corner across from the Irving Store. It also had a creamreceiving station in the back for farmers to deposit their cream. Andy'staste buds were not as good as they might have been and he would ask meto taste some of the cream that came in to determine if it was sour or sweet.For this, he would reward me with an Eskimo Pie. An Eskimo Pie was an icecream bar covered with chocolate and wrapped in an aluminum or tin-foilcover. An Eskimo Pie with a pink center would entitle you to another onefor free. It was remarkable how many times Andy would just happen to handme an Eskimo Pie with a pink center. This would have been during my childhoodin Humboldt sometime around the years of 1934 - 1939. I heard later thatAndy had some way to scratch the surface to find the ones with the pinkcenters.

Harvey Diamond says that Andy Blodgett was a good mechanicand worked for his Dad, Herb Diamond, as a mechanic during the years of1923 - 1935.