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Dennis Matthews' Memories


Humboldt Residences Duringthe 1930's

Balderston, Ben (Lived in rear of restaurant)

Blodgett, Andy (Lived in rear of restuarant)

Bockwitz, Fred (The old Hill Farm house just west of therailroad)

Bockwitz, Virgil (Virgil moved the big house into town)

Brown, Tom (The first house west of the depot on the southof street)

Clow, Ambrose (Think he had the house south of the Trihouse and west of the Stewart house that Don Brown lived in before Don movedto the Tom Brown house)

Clow, George

Clow, Harry (House was directly across the street southof Irving's house and had a crabapple tree by the street)

Diamond, Harvey

Diamond, Herbert (House was across the corner southwestfrom Joe Diamond's house)

Diamond, Laurence (Joe) (Kitty-corner NE across street from Herb Diamondand west of Lewis Matthew house)

Diamond, Levi (House was across the street from Balderston's restaurant- slightly northeast - and east of Irving's Store with an open space inbetween)

Easter, John (Lived immediately south of the Humboldt MethodistChurch and managed the Florence Store and Post Office)

Florence, James (Lived upstairs in the Florence Store withMayme Jury)

Kempf, Ralph (Lived southwest corner across street fromthe school and directly west across the street from P. N. Tri. Ralph Kempfmanaged the elevator)

Knowlton, Vida (Think she lived in the house that SylvanMiller had before Miller moved to the Roy Stewart house)

Heron, Walter (House was west of the Kempf house propertywith a vegetable garden in between). I used to bring him a pint of creamin exchange for a haircut.

Hutchins or Hutchinson

Irving, James (House was on the corner across the alleysouth of Kempf house and before this they lived upstairs over their store)

James, Janet (House was on the corner across the streeteast of Harry Clow's house)

Knudson, Oscar

Matthew, Lewis (House just east of Joe Diamond's house.Had some currant bushes along their alley)

Matthews, George David (Ben) Matthews (House behind his service stationand just north of Lomas' cottage property)

Matthews, Lomas K. Matthews (Cottage across street north of Methodist Church)

McEwen, (House was directly across the street west of theschool. He assisted Kempf at the elevator)

Merck, Anthony J. (The second house west of the depot wherehe was the agent for the Great Northern Railway.)

Miller, Sylvan (House just west of the McEwen house andthen moved into the former Roy Stewart house after Stewarts moved to thefarm)

Sanderson (The school principal at the time - lived upstairsin the Irving House. He had previously been the principal at St. Vincent)

Stewart, Roy (House on east side of town before movingto the farm. This is the house Sylvan Miller later lived in)

Sylvester (House was just south of Herb Diamond house.Had a good watermelon patch across the street east of their house)

Tri, P. N. (House was just south of the school and he hadhis bee apiary just south of his house for refining honey)

Tri, Quentin (House was south across the street from LewisMatthew house and west of Harry Clow house)

Harvey Diamond reported that a lot of Humboldt houses weremoved to Noyes and to Orleans.

Harvey Diamond reported that a lot of Humboldt houses weremoved to Noyes and to Orleans.