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Ed Merck's Memories


Vol. I, No.1, October 20, 1937

Published by the students of Humboldt High School; Firstissue edited by the Senior Class.


Senior Class

President -- Julia Gatheridge

Vice-President -- Floyd La Roque

Secretary -- Margaret Matthew

Treasurer -- Gwen Easter


Junior Class

President -- Jane Matthew

Vice-President -- Donald Kempf

Secretary -- Anna Clow

Treasurer -- Dorothy Turner


Freshman Class

President -- Ruth Matthew

Vice-President -- James Kempf

Secretary -- Henrietta Tri

Treasurer -- Robert Gatheridge


Since the Sophomores have not organized yet we cannot giveyou their officers.



Despite the poor attendance during the first six week'speriod, a number of pupils have attained an honor grade.

Grade 1 - Ortie McEwen and Edward Merck

Grade 2 - Bernie Reese, Lucille Diamond, and Robert Merck

Grade 3 - Eleanor Turner and Dorothy Rustad

Grade 5 - Mary Lou Matthew and Robert Miller

Grade 6 - Hazel Sylvester, Ruth Meyer, and Doris Reese

Grade 8 - Mary Baldwin and Sarah Baldwin

Grade 9 - James Kempf, Anna Marie Merck, and Ruth Matthew

Grade 10 - Mark Baldwin

Grade 11 - Jane Matthew and Manford Blagsvedt

Grade 12 - Joyce Meyer, Julia Gatheridge, and Gwen Easter


Contributed by Ed Merck with articles from Anna Marie Merck.

E=+1>Contributed by Ed Merck with articles from Anna Marie Merck.