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Ed Merck's Memories


The Moose


Every time I saw the TV show Northern Exposure in recentyears, I thought of Humboldt. I was reminded of the moose that came to townwhen I was still a pretty young lad. At that time, we lived in a house justwest of Tom Brown's house, two doors from the Great Northern depot wheremy Dad worked. Just across the street to the north was the farm where FredBockwitz lived.

I had never seen a moose before and so I didn't know whatthat ugly large animal was that I saw wandering into town, but I knew itwasn't something we normally witnessed. It generated a lot of interest,so soon there was a welcoming committee following the animal on its tourof our town. My recollection is that Virgil Bockwitz soon appeared on thescene on a horse, like one of the cowboys in the Saturday matinees, andattempted to rope the moose. I don't think he was successful because I rememberthe moose seeking refuge in the pond at the Bockwitz farm. How he got away,I don't remember, but I suspect he just wandered off into the sunset afterthe local folks lost interest

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