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Paula (Ott) Payne

Hallock High School Memories

1962 - 1966

Helen Johnson was the math teacher at Hallock HS &I had her for 4 years. She was top-notch. Homework was hard. By our senioryear, there were only a few of us still taking her math class, trig. Oneday she asked if anyone had solved the homework problem. I said I had. She wrote all the steps I did on the board & everyone copied them down. On the last step we discovered I was wrong. I can still hear everyonegroaning after all that writing!

Mr. Eaton used to come teach a short photography class. It was fun to develop our own pictures.

My senior year Mr. Uhas came to be the guidance counsellor. He was also the counsellor at Humboldt where my mom was teaching. He tookan immediate dislike to me. Everyone else in class was called by theirfirst name, but he always called me "Ott." Other than that hetaught an interesting class.

We had Mr. Mark Pederson as a typing teacher. You couldn'tfind a nicer man. People who lived near the grade school could catch abus to the HS. One day I dilly-dallied around & missed the bus. Dadgave me a ride to school but I was late. I was so humiliated. I walkedin late to typing class. I typed 30 wpm and made 35 errors! We had 2 electrictypewriters and the rest were manual. We had to take turns.

Mr. Don Carlson taught shorthand. I took it because Ithought I had to have another credit. Susan Walcukievicz was the fastesttypist and the fastest at shorthand. She could read dictation even fasterthan I could talk. One day Mr. Carlson had on a new pair of dress shoes. They were slick & he paced as he taught. He kept slipping & wouldalmost fall down, but he still paced. I can remember him reading us a paperabout what an employer expected from a secretary. Textured hose were popularin those days & he said the employer said he would not hire anyone wholooked like they had spiders crawling all over their legs.

I was at lunch one day when the intercom came on. Theysaid that Kennedy had been shot. I was in chorus when the intercom cameon again. The first words I heard were, "They are wheeling in the casket." We all began to cry. That was it for singing. A few years ago my sonsaid to me that his teacher said that when Kennedy died everyone went intotheir houses & sat in front of the TV spellbound for 3 days. He thoughtthat seemed so strange, but it is exactly the way it was.

We had wonderful proms back then. The prom was held inthe school gym. The juniors decorated it with crepe paper. It looked fantastic. It was fun to go through the grand march.

I should not have mentioned some of the teachers withoutmentioning them all, because everyone of them was a great teacher exceptone. English, social studies, history, sciences, etc were well taught. I have to say 2 things about Mr. Keith Rosengren. He told us to read "Patternsof Culture" & look up every word we did not know. The next dayhe asked what culture meant. I had been told all my life that people eitherhad culture & liked things like the ballet or they were uncultured! He could hardly keep a straight face when I told him my definition!
Another time he told us that during the cold war scare every little townhad a watchtower built to watch for the Russians. I could remember justsuch a tower in Iowa, & Mom could never give me a satisfactory answerabout what it was. I wrote to the town newspaper several years ago &they did a column & said yes, it had been a tower to watch for the Russians. I sent a copy of the article to Mr. Rosengren.

Mrs. Rosengren taught us PE for awhile. I liked her colorfulskirts and the modern dance she taught us. One Spring day their dog whowas named Dog got Spring-fever & clawed a hole in the wall of theirhouse. The next day Mr. Rosengren brought him to school & tied himto the table. He was a very good dog & lay there quietly. Sometimesthey would leave him in their van with the door open. He was well-behavedand stayed put.

an with the door open. He was well-behavedand stayed put.