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Paula (Ott) Payne's Memories

Hallock Memories of the Early 1960's


The streets of Hallock looked quite different in 1962. Across from the bank was the Hallock Hotel. We spent one night there. I was amazed & not too happy to find that there was one bathroom forall the rooms on the whole floor to share. I had never seen such a thing. I used to go to the Hotel and buy a bus ticket to Minneapolis when I didnot take the train there. The clerks were very good at looking up prices& routes.

On the other corner from the bank was the Grand Theaterand on the last corner was the Corner Cafe. Then came the bakery. Theyhad the most delicious pastries. My favorite was their pieces of whitecake with a thin layer of white frosting and crushed peanuts covering it. I thought we called them mocha bars. Their Bismarks cost 5 cents. Oncein awhile we would walk up there at lunchtime and buy 2 for our lunch.

Melin's furniture store was huge with a big inventory. We had 3 grocery stores: Hartz Market, the Sterling Store, & the Farmer'sStore. Reuben Tranberg had a Pendleton store. I bought an Eskimo jacketthere on sale for $10.00 once. He had great sales.

There was also the Women's Shop with great dresses. AndMattson's Shoe Store. I loved looking in their windows.

Sjostrand's Jewelry Store was one of my frequent stops. I could look over their goods for hours. I decided that I wanted GrandBaroque sterling silver which at that time cost $45.00 a place setting. The last time I checked in a city it was $120.00 a place setting. I alsopicked out goblets and china I hoped to have someday. They had friendshiprings for $1.00. I bought several of them.

Clay's Drugstore was a busy place. I bought most of myparents' presents there. Compacts for Mom, aftershave for Dad, etc. For29 cents you could buy some capsules of hair dye. I tried it one time butluckily it had no effect on my hair.

It was exciting when the Coast to Coast Store came to town. They also had things to buy for presents for people. Every Coast to Coaststore had a blue and while metal baby stroller on an overhead shelf. Thosestollers in antique shops make me feel nostalgic to this day.

Once when my dad was teaching release time class, he askedwhat you would do if you woke up & you were the only person left intown. One boy quickly said that first he would go down to the Ben FranklinStore & eat up all the candy! He was a man after my own heart. TheBen Franklin Store was an exciting addition to Hallock. It is hard to believethat it ever lost its popularity and closed down.

Pederson's had a huge lumberyard. There was a big FordGarage. There was also the bowling alley and the Dairy Treat out by theHS. Eaton's Photography was also by the HS.

Another exciting addition to town during my years therewas the Mileage Cafe. It was one busy and popular place. Their specialtywas their caramel rolls. They couldn't be beat.

I think Hallock was quite a metropolis back then!

think Hallock was quite a metropolis back then!