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Paula (Ott) Payne's Memories

Hallock's Driver Ed. Teacher

John Money


Do you remember your drivers' ed teacher? Hallock's wasJohn Money. He

had the patience of Job I thought. Every other year theyswitched from

Ramblers to Fords & always straight sticks. We woulddrive all through

the streets of Hallock. We never went out in the country. We met at

the high school. First we would go north to the new additionof houses.

We would go around the circle and I think it was a gravel road just

north of the school. That is where Mr. Money would yell"Stop" and we

were to slam on the brakes as hard as we could. We didnot touch the

clutch, we just slammed on the brakes. It made quite asqueal and I

heard that until they grew accustomed to it the parentsin those houses

raced to the windows to see what had happened.

My dad had a 1955 Ford that was his pride and joy. One day he took me out

driving. He said to drive the path I took in drivers' ed. I told him thatwe did

our quick stop at this place. He said to do it. I could not imagine thathe

would want me to do it so I questioned him. He said yes,do it. I

slammed on the brake as hard as I could. My dad flew outof the stopped

car & ran and threw up the hood to see if I had doneany permanent

damage. I told him that I had asked him & he saidto do it. He said

that you don't have to stop that quickly, that you putin the clutch and

stop a little slower. When I took my driver's test theman said "Stop"

so softly that I did not even know he meant a quick stop. I stopped

very quietly. I think I passed it.

I wonder how many hundreds of students Mr. Money taughtto drive.

der how many hundreds of students Mr. Money taughtto drive.