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My First Airplane Ride

Early fall 1934


Humboldt, Minnesota enjoys the most gorgeous fall days ;

Mother decided on this particular day that it was a wonderful day to walk the mile or so from the farm into town to visit her mother, Mary Hare. I tagged along as I never wanted to be home alone. Being only a skip and a jump from grandmother's back step through the alley to Balderson's restaurant and knowing that was the gathering place for socializing I went to see what the activities were and what the kids were doing. As I entered the rectangular restaurant I noticed everyone was gathered around a young fellow at the far end. I remained by the door watched and listened until I finally realized it was the Hallock doctor's son who was dating a friend of mine. I did not know him personally nor did I even know his first name. His last name was Overand; everyone was begging him for a ride in his airplane. As I stood quietly observing he suddenly glanced toward me and remarked," I am taking that girl".

We all left the restaurant, followed him as he walked east past Herb Diamond's and Professor Tri's home, continued east to George Matthew's stubble field where he had landed his plane. Word spreads fast and soon there was quite a gathering of curious folks. The young man boosted me into his plane and we were ready to fly. I was excited and not the least bit fearful. As we flew upward a little I looked below to see what it was like. Some of the crowd was dispersing while others waited. What did catch my attention were two little kids running back towards town as fast as their little legs would carry them! It was my twin siblings Kenneth and Kathryn; I knew they would be heading to grandmother Hare's to tattle on me. It was then that I was hit with a pang of guilt! Maybe this is wrong, maybe mother will be upset with me , maybe I should not be up here. What a relief when I wasn't scolded.

I surely was relieved when I was not scolded for my escapade.

By Margaret M Patzer 1-24-2004