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Gum at the Noyes Cafe

Margaret Matthew Patzer

The Emerson, Manitoba youngsters used to cross the border to buy gum at the Noyes cafe. At the time of the 1950 flood, when my parents Emmons,and Flrence Matthew took my children and placed them in a Humboldt school, they were a novelty and the teacher asked them to tell something about themselves. Kalvin and Sylvia were frightened and Kalvin had to go first to the front so he said "We kids used to walk to Noyes to buy gum". Sylvia said she felt so sorry for him.

Margaret Patzer

An addendum to the above from Michael Rustad said:

My great grandfather, Carl Rustad, owned the store until moving to California in the early 1950s. Uncle Carl and Aunt Agot also had the post office.