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Margaret Matthew Patzer

School Memories

As I recall, it was about 1933 when I skipped school in the afternoon and convinced my cousin and friend Julia Gatheridge to accompany me to the St. Vincent Fair to show my pet lamb. Kalvin Sylvester had given it to me to nourish and he had then taken it to the fair along with his animals.

As I entered the gate at the Fairgrounds, Verta McCrystal, an official and also a friend of my mother, approached me and asked what I was doing there. When I told her I had to show my lamb she informed me that I no lamb registered. Kalvin had not done that. But she immediately took care of the probblem; I showed my lamb,won first place and a trip to show it at the state Fair at St.Paul.

I don't recall getting into any trouble for skipping school. The state Fair was a great experience for this tiny girl. As I stood in line with others to show my lamb I found myself being moved farther from the front but that did not disturb me. I had the experience of being at the state Fair for several days. Being depression, I also had quilt feelings when I watched my dad empty all his bills and coins from his purse so I would have spending money while there.

The main room of our high school held all four grades for both study and for some class sessions. To the right as one entered the room was the stage; to the far left were the seniors near the west windows with the juniors and sophmores in between. At the doorway was the sign-out sheet should one need to leave the room - and only one student at a time.

This particular day I had completed all my math problems, copied the answers on a slip of paper and set them on Julia's desk as I passed to sign out. The plan was that we would check answers for accuracy before the actual math class. Miss Lux, our study hall teacher, caught me in the act, demanded the paper from Julia and then punished me for my so-called mischief. Very minor compared to today's problems. Of course, I was punished but I can't remember what it was.